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How to Promote Bitcoin and Ethereum

Price Per Head Tips: How To Successfully Promote Bitcoin Currency

There are several reasons for you, the online bookie agent, to promote digital currencies. The most important from your perspective is that digital currencies are much easier for you to deal with.

Agents run bookmaking businesses. Most credit companies and central banks don’t like bookmaking businesses. Keep reading for ways to promote digital currencies to your players.

Promote Bitcoin and Ethereum Advantages accepts both Bitcoin and Ethereum. All Bitcoin advantages listed can also apply to Ethereum.

*Side note:* you can take advantage of Bitcoin right now too. Price per head agents who deposit with Bitcoin get a 5% rebate up to $250, which puts your cash back where it belongs–in your pocket!

You can learn more about Bitcoin currency, and how PayPerHead is encouraging the use by clicking here.

No credit card interference – Just like credit card companies don’t like bookmaking businesses, they also don’t like sports bettors.

More than a couple of credit card companies refuse to allow players to put money into their betting accounts.

Digital currencies are peer-to-peer. When a player pays you in digital currencies, the payment is directly from the player to you. Companies like Coinbase might charge a small transfer fee, but that’s it.

Coinbase won’t ask what you’re doing with your digital currency.

Bitcoin is safe – Because players are likely to house their Bitcoin or Ethereum with a company like Coinbase, it’s a much safer currency to deal with.

To steal Bitcoin or Ethereum, hackers must steal them directly from hard drives. Unless players keep their digital currencies on their own computers, it’s going to be difficult for those hackers to take.

It’s much easier for hackers to steal credit card numbers, social security numbers, passwords, etc.

Bitcoin transactions are close to instantaneous – Both Bitcoin and Ethereum transactions are close to instantaneous.

Most digital currency transactions are close to instantaneous. It’s a matter of degrees. LiteCoin is the fastest at this point.

However, it could be difficult for LiteCoin to become faster while there’s a chance Bitcoin can become faster.

The lack of lag time between transactions alone makes digital currencies more palatable to sports bettors.

Digital currencies are the future – Digital currencies are the future. The price of a Bitcoin has climbed all the way to over $15,000. What it means is that Wall Street is incredibly bullish on digital currencies.

Most millennials know about digital currencies.

There’s also another way to promote digital currency player usage. Offering a $100 free bet to any player that switches from traditional currencies to digital currencies should get players attention.

Then, discuss the above facts with your players.

That’s the best way to encourage a switch. First, use the carrot. Second, use the facts. You’ll probably notice that most players go ahead and make the switch.

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