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Productive Price Per Head Agent

5 Ways To Be A More Productive Price Per Head Agent

Being a more productive price per head agent is about discipline. The discipline to perform actions on a consistent basis is what makes some agents successful, and others not successful.

Productive online bookie agents are successful online bookie agents. See below for 5 things that can help you be a more productive agent.

Study the Wagers Report at least once a weekStay in contact with sub-agents, or pro players

It’s important that per head agents stay in contact with sub-agents and, or, pro players. Keeping pro players happy is very important.

Pro players know other pro players. They also know plenty of casual players. Sub-agents can be employees, partners, or both. It’s necessary to keep sub-agents in the loop.

Capitalize With Schedule Limit Override

On each Monday of the week, circle games you think you might have to set a Schedule Limit Override for
You want to get ahead of schedule limit overrides.

For example, if Kentucky is in the Final Four along with Wichita State, SMU, and Baylor, which game do you think might garner the most action? The game in which Kentucky is a participant.

That’s just common sense because Kentucky is more popular than any of the other three teams.

You can either encourage action on Kentucky days before by setting a schedule limit override on the other games during the week. Or, you can promote action on the other games by setting a schedule limit on the game where Kentucky’s a participant.

Make it a point to use your layoff account only when needed

Which brings me to the fourth thing that you can do to be a more productive price per head agent, using your layoff account only when needed.

The layoff account is a fail-safe. It’s not be used as a betting instrument. This cannot be overstated.

There’s always a chance you must lay off a certain amount of money on a single game. But, in many instances, you could be leaving money on the table if you utilize your layoff account. Be aware of this fact.

Have fun being a Productive Price Per Head Agent!

You wouldn’t run your bookmaking business if it wasn’t fun for you to do so. Nobody starts his or her own business in any industry unless he or she wants to do it, and enjoys doing it.

Employees that enjoy their work make for great, productive, employees. The same thing goes for business owners.

Price per head agents are business owners. If you enjoy being a price per head agent, you’re going to be a productive price per head agent.

Having the right price per agents software will help you be more productive. PayPerHead their premium platform on now for half the price. So get it today!

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