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Leverage Pro vs Casual Player

Price Per Head Tips: How To Leverage Player Perception In Your Sportsbook

Online bookie agents must be aware of how players think – Perception is the key to betting.

When public perception cries out for bettors to go one way or another, bettors often go the way that public perception has led them.

Public perception, just so you know, is the average fan’s perception. It’s the perception that comes from the mouth of talking heads on CBS Sports, Fox Sports, and ESPN.

Those guys determine where the public goes with their betting dollars.

Is there a way to leverage player perception to your advantage as an online bookie? Yep. Keep reading to find out how!

Leveraging Player Perception

Before getting into specifics on how to leverage player perception, I must bring up something that I’ve written many times already: pro players have different perceptions than casual players.

I look at leveraging casual player perceptions first before getting into pro players.

Leveraging Casual Player Perceptions

Leveraging casual player perceptions is much easier to do than leveraging pro player perceptions. Casual players are more likely to follow the money.

What it means is that casual players are going to listen to the talking heads. That’s why favorites are always over bet in NFL games.

Think about this: only two dogs in NFL Week 10 are getting the benefit of the doubt. The first dog, Washington, is a +1 point dog versus Minnesota.

1-point doesn’t really constitute Washington as being a dog.

What it means is that the only team that’s a spread dog in NFL Week 10 getting love from bettors is Miami. Miami is at +9 on the road versus Carolina.

Why would casual players, who bet earlier in the week, jump on favorites? Which teams are usually favored in the NFL?

That’s right. Winning teams. Winning teams are also those that the talking heads pay attention to.

So, the way to leverage what casual players are thinking is to simply back-up what they’re thinking.

If they already believe that New England is a lock at -7.5 over Denver, send marketing messages that makes them feel good about that belief.

Leveraging Pro Player Perceptions

Leveraging pro player perceptions is much more difficult to do than leveraging casual player perceptions. Pro players are more likely to do their own handicapping.

One thing you can do to leverage pro player perceptions is to send specific peer-to-peer marketing messages.

Check player activity reports to discover your pro player tendencies. Leverage those tendencies for more action.

Find Your Pros and Casuals

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