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premium sportsbook softward for betting season

Price Per Head Tips: Call In to Get A Premium Sportsbook Software for Only $3 Per Head

It’s that time of year again.  The NFL season is quickly approaching and bookies are getting ready to make this season the most profitable they have seen.

After all, the 2017 NFL betting season is set to bring in approximately 90 billion dollars.

The most important tool that bookies can utilize this year is a great, premium sportsbook software.  

 However, many bookies may be paying too much money, inhibiting them from making the most of their season.


Thankfully, the team at has you covered.

$3.00 per head makes for a profitable year 

Currently, has their premium sportsbook software available for just $3.00 per head.


This software is the real deal, giving you latest and greatest tools that you will need for the 2017 NFL betting season.


Tools like, mass editing tools, settle alerts, and hold percentages will help you stay on top of your sports book with ease.


Being on top of your sportsbooks is key to having a profitable NFL betting season.  


Call the team, and get 7-days free

At just $3 per head, the deal sounds pretty sweet.  However, it’s about to get even better.


If you call a representative right now, you’ll get your first 7-days free of charge.


Having a free 7-days of managing your premium sportsbook will allow you to become familiar with all of the tools that you will be using on a daily basis.


Once the season starts, you’ll want to know the software like the back of your hand, and having a free trial will let you familiarize yourself.


Call today to start the 2017 NFL betting season off right.  (1-888-978-0288)

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