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Poker Betting Options Soon Available

Poker Betting Options Soon Available for PPH Agent Players

PayPerHead sportsbook agents will soon have a chance to offer their players poker wagering. Check out all the information you need about the PPH poker betting with the ClubPoker Room.

PPH adds poker betting with the ClubPoker Platform

Since 1997 Pay Per Head has strived to help its agents get ahead of their competition. The leading sports betting tech company in the world does that by offering new add-on tools and features.

In 2019, the company released the Agent Payment Solution (APS®). Bookies quickly discovered the pay per head service provider’s financial transaction system could speed up how they do business.

With the Agent Payment Solution, players can deposit via traditional currency as well as cryptocurrency. The Agent Payment Solution maintains anonymity and allows players to deposit quicker.

The quicker players add money to their accounts, the faster they play. The more rapidly agents make payouts, the faster players deposit the payouts and restart the cycle.

The APS® has revolutionized pph sportsbook financial transactions. But a promotion in 2020 went further.

Without PayPerHead’s  no sports equals no fees promotion, many pay per head companies may not have survived. The coronavirus pandemic caused havoc with almost every per head services client in the sportsbook industry. ensured its customers could offer a digital casino, an online horse racing book, and whatever sports betting options were available at no charge.

In July 2020, the company will add the ClubPoker room, yet another betting platform that can help bookmaking agents increase overall revenue.

ClubPoker allows for two types of games

When some customers said they wanted more to offer their players, the organization decided to add another wagering platform.

Earlier in 2020, the Covid-19 Crisis caused most significant sports leagues in the United States to shut down. The NBA and NHL stopped their seasons cold.

Major League Baseball never started their season. The leading pay per head organization pointed their agents to three possible ways to ensure betting action.

  • Digital casino – The online casino offers twenty slot machine games, craps, baccarat, roulette, and blackjack. PayPerHead’s casino saw a 185% increase in handle from January to the end of May.
  • Live dealer casino – Although not part of the company’s no sports equals no fees promotion like the digital casino, PayPerHead’s online live dealer casino saw an even more impressive rise in handle. From January to the end of May, live dealer handle increased 317%.
  • Digital racebook –’s thoroughbred horses racebook helped their bookmaker agents maintain handle. Churchill Downs’s opening day saw a significant increase in racebook betting.

This month, PayPerHead will unleash the ClubPoker Room. Check out what bookies can offer when they add the newest betting interface to their slew of betting options.

Offer cash poker table games

The ClubPoker Room allows sportsbook owners to create poker bet cash games exclusive to their players. There’s also a way primary agents can provide their subagents access to ClubPoker.

  • Create cash tables for your players
  • Set up sub agents with ClubPoker cash table rakes and limits
  • Agents can set seats for cash tables up to total player count
  • Players can enter tables from existing sportsbook sites

Offer poker league games

There is also a poker betting option for ClubPoker League games with PPH. One of the cool features of league battles is how sportsbook operators can set up tournaments.

Bookmakers can ensure poker revenue by adding tournament prizes on top of buy-ins. That should get poker players to consider entering tournaments.

Check out ClubPoker League game aspects.

  • The system automatically sets up league games
  • League games always run
  • Players use account money for league games
  • Sportsbook owners can add poker league games and cash games with buy-ins
  • League games balances automatically reset each day

Even with poker betting, PPH’s no sports equals no fees promotion remains in effect

ClubPoker is yet another add-on feature that PayPerHead bookie agents can offer their players. But ClubPoker won’t end the leading pph organization’s current promotion.

Major League Baseball should play their first game on either July 23 or July 24. Once MLB plays that first game, PayPerHead will keep the promotion in effect for two weeks after.

Even though the NFL canceled this year’s Hall of Fame Game scheduled for August 6, bookies can still offer the digital casino, digital racebook, and current betting options until around August 6.

Many of those betting options will be in the NBA. The National Basketball Association resumes its season on July 30.

Sign-up with PayPerHead today. Get the no sports equals no fees promotion, add a live dealer casino, and then in July, add the ClubPoker Room.

By doing so, you can offer your PPH players everything sports wagering-related, including betting on poker.

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