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Protect Your Profit - Steam Chasers

Price Per Head Tips: Are “Steam Chasers” Clearing Your Profit?

Taking advantage of betting systems isn’t necessarily cheating. It’s just human nature. It can cause you, the online bookie agent, to lose profit, though.

One specific type of betting system is called “steam chasing”. Steam chasing involves taking advantage of slight line movements as soon as possible to acquire the very best possible spread.

Keep reading to find out how you can prevent this from happening.

What’s a Steam Chaser?

A steam chaser is a sports bettor that gets in on a bet after a pro player has dumped on one side of a spread or another and before the line has corrected.

The reason steam chasing is a betting system is because lines only move after huge amounts of money have been wagered on one side or another.

For example, if a pro player dumps $1 million on the Patriots to beat the Falcons in a football game, the $1 million translates to at least a point and a half movement.

The steam chaser looks for this point and a half movement and then bets accordingly.

Eventually, the $1 million move, after all the “follow the money bettors” become involved, rises to 2 to 3 to even a 3.5-point change.

Steam chasers are those bettors that get in right when the spread first changes. Tools to Prevent Steam Chasing

It’s difficult to prevent steam chasing. To be honest, some per head agents might not even want to prevent steam chasing. As we all know, pro players aren’t always correct.

That means, steam chasers aren’t always correct.

The key is to first find the steam chasers. The easy way to do this is to follow the action from pro players.

Then, see who made wagers right after the pro player made the wager. It’s important to find out if the wagers are winning or losing.

There are several ways to battle steam chasers. Check it out:

1. Set schedule limit overrides on steam chaser profiles – After a few weeks if you see a steam chaser, just set a schedule limit override on that steam chaser from making wagers when the pro player the steam chaser follows typically makes his or her wagers.

2. Let the steam chaser chase and utilize the layoff account – Let the steam chaser chase and use the layoff account. Or, don’t use the layoff account and see if you can make even more profit from the wagers.

3. Use the line mover to change the line – You should always add a half a point to any line, anyhow. A half a point prevents paying out refunds. Just the half a point could prevent steam chasing.

4. Take the game off the board all together – I’d encourage all pay per head agents not to do this unless it’s necessary. Steam chasing usually only happens in giant sportsbooks.

It’s something for online bookie agents to be aware of, but not necessarily to act against.

Remember that taking a game off the board means that all pro players and all other casual players won’t be able to bet on the game, either.

Is it worth it to anger a high-profile pro player just to prevent a steam chaser?

Maybe, it is. Maybe, it isn’t. That’s where you have to make the decision for you business.

Adding more knowledge to your business will never harm your business. Constantly upgrading skills and tools will upgrade your sportsbook.

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