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Pay Per Head Strategies To Use NOW

Pay Per Head Tips and Strategies To Put Into Action Now

Running an online bookie business is difficult. Anybody who claims that it’s easy doesn’t know what he or she is talking about. Running any business is difficult.

Running a business that requires an understanding of finance and marketing and rests on determination is even more difficult.

Luckily, PayPerHead.com has provided necessary tools for any individual to become a successful online bookie agent. See below for how strategizing around some of those tools can lead to profit.

Per Head Strategies to Put Into Action

Make sure your sportsbook software lives up to expectation and allows your sportsbook to grow into the empire you’ve been expecting.

Below are some of the strategies you should be putting into action right now

Set max betting limits on all proposition bets

Proposition and future bets action can lead to great wealth. Paying out prop bets can lead to disaster. Instead of worrying about individual prop bets, make sure that max betting limits are on all prop and future bets.


Think about it this way: Instilled Regard is 20 to 1 to win the Kentucky Derby. $200 on Instilled Regard to win the Kentucky Derby translates to a potential $4,000 payout.

February long shots turn into Derby contender all the time.

Set max betting limits on all money line bets

The Philadelphia Eagles were a +160 dog on the money line to upset the New England Patriots. The Eagles garnered more than 60% of the public’s interest against the spread at +4.5.

There’s a good chance that many pro players dumped on the Eagles on the money line.

I’m comfortable writing that because the line opened at Eagles +5.5. Within two days, the line moved down to Eagles +4.5. That’s where it stayed.

What did pros bet?

They put thousands of dollars on the money line.

Create settle alert limits

It goes without saying that; a player that owes you money can’t make bets in your sportsbook.

Of all the tools that PayPerHead offers, this might be the most customer service centric. The settle alert tool allows agents to create a settle alert limit before a settle alert has been reached.

This saves players from having to make payments over a long period to their bookies. This saves bookies from having to cut off players.

Stick to your settle alert limits

Settle alert limits are only good if a per head agents stick to them. It does no good to receive a settle alert and sit on your hands. That does nothing for you, or the players.

Create a report studying strategy

PayPerHead.com offers plenty of reports. All online bookie agents should create a report studying strategy. You should ask yourself questions like:

  • Do you look to live betting reports first?
  • A set of specific player activity reports?
  • The wagers report?
  • What information from what reports do you find most valuable?

If you create per head strategies around the above tools, you can’t go wrong. Before you know it, you’ll be an ultra-successful online bookie.

Starting from scratch? Get the basics on starting your own sportsbook right here.

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