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Social Media Networking

Social Media for Pay Per Head Agents

Price Per Head Agents Get Social and Grow Your Bottom Line


Social media marketing is all the rage. Every single advertiser (brand) in the world has a social media marketing division.

Coca-Cola, as an example, spends a ton on social media marketing. But, many of these advertisers fail when it comes to social media marketing adding to their bottom lines.

As a pay per head agent, you don’t have to create a social media marketing division. You don’t even need a Facebook or Twitter page.

The reason is because you provide a specific service to specific people. You’re not fighting for a population of 100,000 to buy your brand of soda.

Your players specifically bet through your business. There’s an excellent way for you to get social. By getting social, you add to the bottom line.


Social Marketing is All About Targeted Marketing

The most important aspect of social marketing is that it’s targeted. Digital ad pioneers thought it was a good idea to sell specific targeted messages.

If you clicked on a link through Google on lawnmowers for sale, you were bound to get a ton of ads on gmail for lawnmowers for sale.

This type of targeted marketing doesn’t work because lawnmowers are retail products. We only look for lawnmowers when we’re ready to buy one.

That’s not the case with the price per head agent business. Since you’re providing a service, your players are already looking for sporting events, races, etc. on which to bet.

Don’t believe me?

Think about your favorite restaurant. Aren’t you more likely to go to your favorite restaurant if you see a $20 coupon hit your email? Of course, you are!

The restaurant industry is a service industry. Restaurants provide a service. They don’t provide retail goods.


Study Player Activity Reports

The key for pay per head agents to get social the right way is to study player activity reports from PayPerHead. Let’s take an example that you can apply to any sporting event.

  1. How many of your players bet on the last two PGA Major Tournaments?
  2. How much money did each player bet?
  3. On what, props, to win, etc., did each player bet?
  4. When is the next PGA Major Tournament?

It’s also a good idea to see if any of your players bet on any golf tournaments outside the major tournaments.

Who knows? You could have one, two, three players that love to bet on golf!


Email and Text Messaging is All You Need

All you need are email and text messages to get social. You might want to consider the golf tournament, or football game, or baseball game, itself before sending out any social, or email texts.

Sticking with the golf example, make sure to let your golf betting players know about the next major tournament. You could even get creative and run a contest.

Whomever picks the most players in the Top 10 gets $50 in wagering credits. Something like that.

Don’t forget that I just wrote about golf as an example.

There are going to be plenty of huge opportunities for you to get social during football season. It’s entirely up to you. You’re the per head agent. It’s your sportsbook.

Pay per head agents looking to get social and make more profit need reports on their players for proper targeting. has all the reports an agent needs to stay on top and become a master of the business.

The prime package is meant for master agents to get the most out of their business.


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