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AI Play Hub Review

PayPerHead’s AI Play Hub Review

Right now, PayPerHead is providing an AI bet generation software to agent’s players in their $3 per head promo. The world’s leading pay per head sportsbook services provider is often on the cutting edge of sportsbook software tech. But artificial intelligence is new to all industries. Does PayPerHead’s AI betting program, dubbed AI Play Hub, live up to its billing? Check out a in-depth review of the PayPerHead AI Play Hub and whether sports betting software agents should promote to their players.

What is AI and how does it work?

Per ChatGPT, “Artificial Intelligence (AI) refers to the development of computer systems that can perform tasks that typically require human intelligence. These systems are designed to simulate human thinking processes, such as learning, reasoning, problem-solving, perception, and language understanding. AI encompasses a wide range of techniques, including machine learning, natural language processing, computer vision, and robotics.”
The key among the AI techniques is machine learning. Machine learning means that machines learn by creating neural networks the exact way our brain learns.

What does neural AI network learning mean?

Neural network learning means using algorithms to learn patterns and relationships within data. We do this with our brains. For example we may associate the color red with apples after eating apples from the age of 3 or 4 up until our 50s or 60s.
We can also create neural network assumptions, like AI, that doesn’t present correct information. Like the person in Plato’s cave, if we all we know about other humans is that they appear to be shadow people on the wall of our cave, our brain’s neural network will assume our cast shadow is a different person.

Neural networks learn via training. The more a neural network trains about a specific subject, the more it learns.

AI Play Hub is a neural network machine learning an online bookie tool

The AI Play Hub is a tool that PayPerHead offers to their agents’ players. What AI Play Hub is designed to do is to make AI betting suggestions at the top of a player’s account.

Doing so encourages players to make specific bets. AI Play Hub is also designed to keep players betting on a PayPerHead agent’s site.
So AI Play Hub has two goals and both are player-centric, meaning they are both player driven: a) to keep players making wagers and b) to create agent site stickiness.

How AI Play Hub boosts online bookie sportsbook action

PayPerHead’s AI Play Hub learns what each one of your players prefers to bet. Then it delivers those bets after use.
Like almost all AI, the Play Hub will personalize sports bets at a more authentic rate the more a player bets. So the AI Play Hub trains to create AI generated sports bets.

The more players bet; the more AI Play Hub tailors bet suggestions

The below example is how AI Play Hub works. Let’s say a player loves to back the Kansas City Chiefs against the spread.
In NFL Week 1, the player may bet on the Chiefs to cover the spread. When the player logs onto their account a couple of days later, they are likely to see choices for most NFL and most college football.

Two weeks after the first Kansas City bet and a week after the second, AI Play Hub may only show NFL bets.
The third week after that, the AI Play Hub may show NFL bets that only involve AFC teams, which is the conference where Kansas City plays.
Any outside of Kansas City bet changes how the AI learns and trains, which means even a slight change, betting on the Baltimore Ravens, Los Angeles Rams, and the Kansas City Chiefs, will create a different set out of outcomes on the next player go around.

Bottom Line: AI Play Hub works, but it takes time to personalize sports betting

But that’s the beauty of the AI Play Hub. It learns as players make bets. It doesn’t assume, which means when it comes to marketing specific bets to players, agents mustn’t worry.
In fact, agents should consider the AI Play Hub, at least from the bookie perspective, a passive digital marketing tool. What this means is that the AI Play Hub markets bet suggestions to players by itself.
Agents must do nothing. Eventually, players will start seeing attractive bet options, which means players will end up betting more in their sports betting software accounts.

PayPerHead $3 per head offer includes AI Play Hub

Right now, PayPerHead is offering their top bookmaker software, which is often $10.99 per head, for $3 per head.
The software includes the AI Play Hub. All price per head agents should sign up for the PayPerHead $3 promo to ensure they have access to the AI Play Hub. Doing so will help PPH services agents increase stickiness on their players’ sites, increase revenue, and build player loyalty.
For more information, contact a PayPerHead rep or 1-800-605-4767 or contact via chat.

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