Important Message re COVID-19 - PayPerHead PPH Sportsbook Software Offfers Free Service
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Pay Per Head is Rock Solid

And, we’ve got your back.

PayPerHead has been around since 1997; we’re not going anywhere, and neither should you.

Our thoughts continue to be with you during this challenging time and we’re here to help, if you need us, as we all face the challenges that have been presented by the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic. 

One small way in which we are doing our part is to offer our services FREE of charge until at least one of the major sporting leagues begin again; then, for two more weeks after that. 

Please note: If college or professional sports leagues are not back by September 1, 2020, then new terms and conditions will apply to this offer.

What does this mean exactly?

Per Head Sportsbook Fees FREE until major sporting events start up again.

Racebook- FREE until major sporting events start up again.

Live WageringFREE until major sporting events start up again.

Digital CasinoFREE until major sporting events start up again

Live DealerRegular Fees apply

What are considered “major” sporting events?

For the purpose of doing what we can to help out during this difficult time, we are defining major sporting events as the following college or professional sports leagues:

  • Major League Baseball (MLB)
  • National Football League (NFL)
  • National Basketball Association (NBA)
  • National Hockey League (NHL) 
  • College Football (NCAA)
  • College Basketball (NCAA)

As a solid company that has proudly served the sportsbook industry for decades, we know how critical the online tools we provide are in helping our customers maintain their business during difficult and complex times like these. 

Pay Per Head is the largest company in the per head arena and we have a stable foundation, built over the last 25 years, that will help us, and in turn YOU, withstand this rough patch. 

Like most, many of our colleagues’ lives have been impacted by important precautions and measures to limit the spread of the coronavirus. 

Fortunately, though, here at PPH, our work environment and safety on the job has not been impacted.  Our service representatives, sales team, graphic designers, web developers, and operations team have all been working remotely for a number of years now. We were in a uniquely well-prepared position to deal with this situation far before it came into being.  

As such, business as usual will continue and you can feel confident that your business is in good hands 24/7. As this situation evolves, we want to ensure that you are able to continue to service your account quickly and easily from the comfort and safety of your own home. 

Our proprietary Agent Payment Solution® tool lets you do just that. You needn’t risk your health or that of others by meeting up in person; all pay and collect can be done right from your device or computer. 

Likewise, we are busy making sure that your players have plenty to keep them engaged and in action, despite the break in most U.S. sporting events. With a horse racebook, digital casino, live dealer gaming, and plenty of wagering opportunities on eSports, International soccer, and other events (even the elections!), we feel confident that we can help you keep your sportsbook business afloat and even in profit.  

To learn more and keep your players in action, head on over to our promo page, check out our features, or go ahead and join us today; your Personal Account Host will reach out and help you get your business back on track.

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