Price Per Head Tips: Profit From Players With Online Casino Software

May 25, 2017 | BookieU

Now that the only sports betting game in town is Major League Baseball, online bookies are looking for ways to maintain revenue. One of the best ways is by turning on the online casino for your players.

It’s doubtful that you provide betting services to professional casino players. Those players live in Las Vegas, or fly into Las Vegas, and play at the tables.

But, just because you don’t provide betting services to pro-casino players, it doesn’t mean that the online casino can’t be a source of consistent revenue for you.

I first write about what makes an online casino casual player. Then, I write about how great online casino software, of which PayPerHead offers, can make every player a casual casino player.


What Makes an Online Casino Casual Player?

An online casino player does one thing:  plays in the casino. It doesn’t matter if the game the player likes is blackjack, baccarat, a pull of a specific slot machine, craps or roulette.

If the player makes wagers in the online casino, that player is a casual online casino player.

The main reason is because there is no such thing as an online casino pro player. Therefore, if you see any person playing in the online casino, that player is a casual casino player.


How Great Online Casino Software can Make Every Player a Casino Player

The biggest problem that pay per head agents run into is converting their sportsbook players to casino players. The process of doing this starts with great online casino software.

Why does the process start with the software?

It starts with the software because most sportsbook players aren’t going to look to play a game in the online casino unless you make it easy for them.

Sportsbook players are going to make wagers in the online casino when it’s convenient. That’s why the very best online casino software provides the following:

Easy to navigate interface – If it’s difficult to find the game the player wants to play, that player is likely to just give up.

Monetary choices – Sportsbook players are more likely to bet at the $1 blackjack table to pass the time then they are to bet at the $5 blackjack table to pass the time.

Mobility – Since a sportsbook players bread and butter isn’t the online casino, there’s a good chance that you’ll see casino revenue from your sportsbook players when they’re out and about, or watching a sporting event.

Apple iOS and Android software at the minimum must be up to date. Don’t miss out on action because you don’t offer mobile betting.

Per head agents could find it easy converting some of their sportsbook players to the online casino. The key is letting sportsbook players know about the low minimums they’re going to find in the casino.

Then, making sure they can place wagers is as simple as signing up with

If your bookie software can’t offer the right features, including mobile compatibility, then you’re missing out on serious profit.