When people think of pay per head services, they usually only think about sports betting. Often, lost in the shuffle are the large sums of money the price per head agents can make off of their players in the casino. As a matter of fact, some of the pph agents are very leery of letting their players spend their money on blackjack, roulette, craps and of the other casino games offered at payperhead.com.

Why is that? The casino is not the bookie’s enemy; it is the exact opposite. Offshore sportsbooks offer their players the opportunity to play casino games for a reason. Because they make the books a ton of money! Duh!

Gamblers like to gamble, whether it’s on big game cards, a golf game with their buddy, etc; gamblers always need a little action to keep them going.

Now, as we all know, the sports betting services business is very seasonal. Once March Madness is over, things start to slow down. And in just over a month, when the NBA playoffs come to an end, things get even slower. Bookies will be counting the days until football starts; two plus months of agony.

Well, if your players had access to an online casino, you wouldn’t have to solely depend on dime line baseball to pay your summer rent. No matter the time of day, your players would be able to get their fix and spend their cash on casino games.

This not only keeps your players happier, but obviously makes you a lot more money.

Now, come the high season, your players will still pile into the casino – at even a higher rate. When they win on sports, they’ll try to keep the hot streak going at the virtual tables. When they lose on sports, they’ll try to recoup their losses. A win-win for the bookie.

When I was checking out some competing pay per head shops the other day, I was floored when I discovered that they kept a portion of the profits their pay per head agents made on the casino. These competitor pph shops were keeping anywhere from 5-7% of the boookie’s winnings that they made off of their players. Doesn’t that go against everything the pph industry was built on?

We here at payperhead.com, on the other hand, only charge the agent a fixed fee of about $5 if a player uses the casino. The consistent winnings go to the bookie, just as it should be.

To all you bookies out there, don’t ignore the mass amounts of extra income you can make by allowing your players access to casino games.