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Online Bookie Management Software

Sportsbook Businesses Will Close Shop Without A Management Software

Pay per head agents should know that without great bookmaking management software, their chances of staying in business are slim to none.

There’s just too much competition for major sportsbooks like Bovada and BetUS, for single agents to remain competitive without access to all necessary bookie management tools.

Check out a refresher of bookie management tools.

Online Bookie Management Tools

Online bookie management requires tools to help you mitigate risk, and build a profit. offers the best tools in the business.

Including all the following tools that are essential for all agents to stay in business.

Schedule Limit Overrides

Setting schedule limit overrides on hot games encourages action on other games. Pro players only make decisions based on their own handicapping, point spreads, and potential ROI.

Casual players? They’re likely to put money on a different game if they can’t find the game they planned on betting.

Mass Editing Tool

How long would it take you to change each one of your players’ max betting limits? Mass editing tools allow for efficiency.

That’s the key word for any company to stay in business.

Layoff Account

Per head agents should only use their layoff account when it’s necessary.

During the NFL Season, because runs on teams do occur (the Patriots did go 16 and 3 ATS last season) it might be necessary to use the layoff account every week.

This is always to the online bookie’s discretion.

Line Mover

PayPerHead only offers the line mover for agents that have signed up for the Prime Package. The line mover prevents agents from ever having to issue a refund.

You can sign up for PayPerHead’s Prime Package for just $3 per head right now.

Online Bookie Management Reports

It’s also important to note that professional online bookie agents must forecast. Forecasting revenue can be a huge key to making business decisions.

How can bookmakers forecast? They can forecast by studying reports.

Wagers Report – Breaks down by business unit. It also allows agents to delete bets.

Player Activity Report – This might be the most important report for agents to use to forecast. Player activity reports break down player activity.

If a pro player dumps on New England, as an example, every week, agents can forecast for that same amount of money being wagered on New England the following week.

Live Betting Reports – All live betting reports are important. They’re important for real-time reporting as well as for forecasting.

Some live betting reports are only available via the premium software, their Prime Package.

All business owners must manage their companies. Online bookie agents are no different. PayPerHead tools and reports are designed for bookmakers to become better business managers.

By becoming better at managing your business, you’ll no doubt bring in more revenue that you can turn into profit.

Don’t have the Prime Package?

Get it today for just $3 per head for a limited time only. All you have to do is sign up for their 7-day free trial then, call in today and speak to a PayPerHead representative and ask them how you can unlock the $3 per head deal.

Start growing your business with the right management tools and reports. Become a PayPerHead agent today.

You can also learn how to manage this impending growth and success.

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