Online bookies are set to see a huge difference between the action that they received during the Winter Olympics and the action that they’re going to receive during the Summer Olympics. The Olympics kick off Friday, August 5 and ends on Sunday, August 21. The Olympics take place in Rio this year. See below for some reasons why bookies are set to see bigger action on the Summer Olympics.

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1. Familiarity with Summer Olympic Events

If it weren’t for the movie Cool Runnings about the Jamaican bobsled team, it’s doubtful that most sports bettors would have any idea what the luge was. That’s not the case with the Summer Olympics where every American grows up knowing exactly what events, track and field, swimming, basketball and soccer, gymnastics, take place during the Summer Olympics.

Betting Tip: This familiarity should lead to more wagers on Summer Olympic events in your book. Utilize PayPerHead tools in order to keep track of which specific events players are betting.

2. Familiarity with Summer Olympic Athletes

Bruce, now Caitlyn, Jenner is a name that’s familiar to every American who has ever watched the Olympic Games. The fact that Keeping Up with the Kardashians is a major television hit helps. Going all the way back to 1936, Jessie Owens is a U.S. National Hero. So is Carl Lewis and Jackie Joyner-Kersey and Mary Lou Retton. The latest big time Olympic hero is Michael Phelps. This year the hero is expected to be decathlon star Ashton Eaton.

Betting Tips: U.S. sports bettors have a lot of pride. That’s why they familiarize themselves with star Olympic Athletes. This is yet another reason why online bookies should see more money flow into their books than what they saw during the Winter Olympics.

3. Rio is only an hour ahead of New York

As crazy as it sounds, the fact that Rio De Janeiro is only an hour ahead of New York, meaning that if it’s 7:00 pm in New York it’s 8:00 pm in Rio, could lead to a lot more wagers. The timing is perfect.

Betting Tip: The schedule for the 2016 Rio Olympics suggests that NBC is going to broadcast the events with the most interest. Since this is the case, bookies should expect what NBC broadcasts is going to be what events receive the most action.

4. NBC is already promoting the Olympics everywhere

NBC is already promoting the Summer Olympics everywhere. The peacock network paid a cool $1.23 billion for the 2016 Rio Olympics. That’s a lot of money.

Betting Tip: Your players won’t be able to get away from the Olympics once August 5 rolls around. This could be a logistical nightmare for you. Make sure to contact a PayerPerHead rep in order to see how you can manage the influx of wagers on Summer Olympic Events.

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