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NFL Week 8 Tips for Bookies

NFL Week 8: 3 NFL Games You Want an Override in Place.

NFL Week 8 is here. Pay per head agents need only keep reading further to see the 3 NFL Week 8 games that agents should consider setting schedule limit overrides.

Atlanta Falcons -4 at New York Jets +4

Why Set a Schedule Limit Override?

Around 67% of NFL handicappers favor the Falcons over the Jets. The Jets might garner some wagering interest. Might – most likely the love for the Falcons could get out of control.

If that happens, set a schedule limit override, then think about not using your layoff account.

Why should online bookie agents consider refraining from using their layoff accounts? Atlanta’s got way more problems than what any football fan has seen this season.

The Falcons are on the road versus a team that’s played much better than advertised. This is setting up like a disappointment for Atlanta.

If that’s the case, and all the money in your sportsbook has been wagered on the Falcons, allowing the money to ride might be the way to go.

L.A. Chargers +7.5 at New England Patriots -7.5

Why Set a Schedule Limit Override?

This should be an incredibly popular NFL game in Week 8. Although most casual bettors will pound the New England Patriots, many pro bettors are going to back the L.A. Chargers. The Chargers have won 3 games in a row.

That makes L.A. dangerous to upset New England straight up at what should be big money line odds.

Don’t allow money line bets on the Chargers to get out of control.Immediately set max betting limits on the money line .

Then, set a schedule limit override once you reach a specific amount of money on the Chargers’ money line.

Dallas Cowboys -2.5 at Washington Redskins +2.5

Why Set a Schedule Limit Override?

Online bookie agents might want to spread around betting dollars. Cowboys versus Redskins is the premier game in NFL Week 8. It’s a classic battle between two of the most popular teams in the league.

Agents simply might want to encourage action from their casual players on other NFL games. Taking too much action on a single game can lead to issues.

If one team is over bet, pay per head agents should use their layoff accounts to even out money on both sides of the spread.

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