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NFL Week 6 Tips Matchups for Bookies

NFL Week 6 Tips: 3 Match-Ups Online Bookies Can Earn More Cash With

The best way for online bookie agents to make more cash on NFL games is to go against player expectations. That means pushing their layoff accounts to the side to allow action to ride.

The three games below in NFL Week 6 might be perfect for the profit generating strategy.

NFL Week 6 Tips: Bookie Advantage Matchups

New England Patriots -9.5 at New York Jets +9.5

57% of football handicappers favor the Patriots at -9.5. That’s 14% higher than the 43% that favor the New York Jets at +9.5.

Although New England has had its up and down this season, it stands to reason that more money is wagered on New England to cover the spread in NFL Week 6 than the money wagered on the Jets.

It might be a good idea to let the money on the Patriots ride. New York should stay close enough to New England in this game. The Patriots’ defense hasn’t gotten any better from Week 1 to Week 5.

The Jets are a much better team than so many expected them to be.

Cleveland Browns +10 at Houston Texans -10

Houston is almost a 70% choice among NFL handicappers to cover the 10-point spread in their Week 6 matchup against the Cleveland Browns.

Pay per head agents don’t have to be NFL experts to know that Houston and Cleveland are much closer in talent than 10 points.

Houston might have some trouble in this game. The Texans’ lost their best defensive player, J.J. Watt, for the season. Cleveland made a QB change to Kevin Hogan that should benefit them in this one.

Agents might want to consider not going to their layoff accounts in this battle.

San Francisco 49’ers +10 at Washington Redskins -10

Although San Francisco is 0 and 5 straight up, they have a winning 3 and 2 record against the spread. The 49’ers have already played in 2 overtime games this season. They lost both.

Only Carolina in Week 1 has beaten the 49’ers by more than 6 points. SF hung with Seattle in a 9 to 12 loss. They hung with the Rams in a 29 to 31 loss.

What makes Washington any more special than either Seattle or the L.A. Rams? Nothing. The wagering might even out on its own in this game.

If it doesn’t, and Washington is over bet in your sportsbook, consider staying away from the layoff account.

SF could beat Washington straight up in this matchup.

One thing to note is that when an online bookie agent has doubts, he or she should go to the layoff account.

But, if the online bookie feels like taking a risk on a dog to upset an over bet favorite ATS, it’s a good way to increase profit.

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