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NFL Week 3 betting Preview for Bookies

NFL Week 3 Betting Preview & Tools Needed For Pay Per Head Agents

As online bookie agents, we’re always a week ahead. That’s no different in NFL Week 2. We should already be looking at NFL Week 3 betting in our sportsbooks.

PPH tools are only effective if they’re used at the right times. See below for 5 NFL Week 3 games that might require agents to use pay per head tools.

NFL Week 3 Betting

L.A. Rams at San Francisco 49’ers

The Rams are only slight favorites over Washington in Week 2. If the Rams demolish Washington, and Seattle covers a -14 spread against San Francisco, every favorite player on the planet is going to jump on LAR.

Use your layoff account to balance the action because the Rams should cover the spread no matter what it is.

Houston Texans at New England Patriots

Houston battles Cincinnati on Thursday night while the Patriots take on the Saints in New Orleans on Sunday. How the Patriots fair versus New Orleans is the key.

If the Pats don’t cover as a -6.5 favorite on the road, expect Patriot bettors to double up their bets on New England to cover against Houston in NFL Week 3.

Why? Patriot bettors, and even some casual and pro bettors who don’t like New England, won’t believe the Patriots can’t cover for 3 straight weeks.

Per head agents must decide how much money they’re willing to possibly leave on the table. This Patriots team, should they fail to cover against New Orleans, just isn’t as good as the team that won the Super Bowl last season.

What it means is that Houston could be an overlay depending on the spread.

Kansas City Chiefs at L.A. Chargers

If the Chiefs blow out the Eagles this Sunday, they’ll be huge favorites over the Chargers in Week 3. The Chiefs offense appears unstoppable.

But, the Chargers aren’t a terrible team. This might be one of those games where casual players go for the favored Chiefs while pro players back the Bolts.

Most per head agents could get lucky with this game. The action could be close to even on both sides of the spread.

Oakland Raiders at Washington Redskins

Oakland should be a massive favorite no matter what either one of these teams does in NFL Week 2. The layoff account might be needed.

Washington tends to play better after Week 1. This is another matchup where overusing your layoff account could lead to massive profits left on the table.

Use Your Tools The Right Way

The biggest problem that most pay per head agents have is overusing their layoff account. Always try to handicap the games yourself.

As bookmaker that runs your own business, you can’t afford to miss out on a big payday because you’ve overused your layoff account.

Find out how to get PayPerHead’s premium sportsbook software for only $3 per head. Agents will have all the right tools to manage their sportsbooks and start growing their business substantially.

All you have to do is sign up for PayPerHead’s totally FREE 7-day trial, then call in and speak to a rep about how you can unlock the $3 per head deal.

You can learn all about it here, or call in at (888) 978-0288.

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