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NFL Week 16 For Bookies

NFL Week 16: 4 Matchups Bound To Make Your Sportsbook Cash

NFL Week 16 is shaping up as the most important during the regular season. Pay per head agents everywhere, including you, should do what it takes to squeeze cash from their NFL Week 16 sportsbooks.

The best way to do that is for agents to utilize online bookie sportsbook software tools.

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NFL Week 16: Matchups for Profit

Check out the 4 games that should attract the most action in most sportsbooks. Underneath each game, we add a few thoughts on the software tools bookies should use.

NFL Week 16: Baltimore Ravens +4.5 at L.A. Chargers -4.5

Bookies must use their layoff accounts no matter if the Chargers or Ravens are over bet.

Most bettors are willing to lay the points. That makes some sense because the Chargers have looked great beating some good teams like the Pittsburgh Steelers and Kansas City Chiefs.

However, Los Angeles hasn’t faced a team with as good of a defense as what the Ravens will field.

Baltimore’s for real, which means they’ll put their best feet forward on Saturday. In addition to using the layoff account, agents should set max betting limits on the Ravens’ moneyline.

Cincinnati Bengals +7.5 at Cleveland Browns -7.5

Casual bettors will most likely go with the Browns, which is why bookies must be careful when Cincinnati heads to Cleveland on Sunday.

Pro bettors will look at the 7.5 points and decide the Bengals are the way to go.

That puts pay per head agents in a situation.

Do they set up their sportsbooks for casual players? Or, do they set it up for pro players?

The answer’s always to set it up for pro players.

Even if you believe the Browns cover, use your layoff account if Bengals are over played. Most definitely set max betting limits on the Bengals moneyline.

NFL Week 16: Atlanta Falcons +2.5 at Carolina Panthers -2.5

Pro bettors stay away from the games that casual players jump on. Falcons at Panthers is close to meaningless, which is why your pro players are likely to be all over it.

The Falcons’ moneyline is super attractive. However, so is the Panthers’.

Set max betting limits on both moneylines. Also, use your layoff account. Either team can get it done in this matchup. That makes it scary.

Chicago Bears -4 at San Francisco 49ers +4

This game’s ripe for a few cagey pro players to score huge on the 49ers’ moneyline. Chicago locked down the NFC North Division in Week 15.

They might not play as well as they usually do on Sunday in NFL Week 16.

Not only that, but San Francisco has won two in a row at home as a home dog. The 49ers could make it 3 in a row because Chicago often plays down to its competition on the road.

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