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NFL Week 1 Betting Tips

NFL Week 1 Betting: Odds and Predictions for Price Per Head Agents

The 2017-2018 NFL Season begins on Sept 7 when the New England Patriots host the Kansas City Chiefs. I’ve spent the past few days studying the betting action on all NFL Week 1 Games.

What I’ve discovered is that 4 games figure to garner the most action from both pro players as well as casual players. Make sure you check it out before the NFL Week 1 betting ensues.

Kansas City Chiefs +8 at New England Patriots -8

The Chiefs opened as -7 dogs. Casual players have bet KC up to +8 dogs. New England is a solid favorite to repeat as Super Bowl Champions this season.

Even with Julian Edelman out for most of the season, the Patriots are set at WR with Brandin Cooks.

Still, 8 points is a lot to give to an Andy Reid coached team. Online bookie agents should expect pro players to bet the Chiefs back down to +7. Maybe, the Chiefs go off at less than +7, around +6.5, or +6.

Don’t use your layoff account unless you must.


Oakland Raiders +2 at Tennessee Titans -2

Oakland is the hottest team in Vegas to win the 2018 Super Bowl. The Tennessee Titans are expected to beat Oakland by at least 2 points this Sunday. 7

Pro players might take the 2 points on Oakland while most casual players are going to go for the dollars and bet on the Raiders to beat Tennessee straight up by betting the money line.

Make sure max betting limits are on the Raiders on the money line. It’s difficult to see Tennessee garnering more bets than Oakland does to win straight up.

Seattle Seahawks +3 at Green Bay Packers -3

This is one game where the spread betting should even out on its own. Both Seattle and Green Bay are favorites to win the NFC this season.

Green Bay gets the benefit of the doubt because they take on Seattle at home. But, neither squad should be the one that either casual or pro players settle on as the team to back.

Personally, I believe Seattle wins this game straight up. As per head agents, we don’t care so much about that.

Yes, use your layoff account if, for some reason, an inordinate amount of money is bet on either the Hawks or the Packers to cover the spread.

New York Giants +3.5 at Dallas Cowboys -3.5

It’s doubtful Cowboys’ RB Ezekiel Elliott plays in Week 1. Even if his suspension is downgraded to 4 games, Zeke shouldn’t suit it up in Week 1. What does that mean?

It means that many pro, and some casual, players are going to jump all over the money line on the Giants.

Make sure max betting limits are set on the Giants vs Cowboys money line. Also, don’t allow too much pro action to land onto the Giants.

Consider also setting up max betting limits on the spread for this game. It’s hard to imagine pro players not jumping all over the Giants at more than a field goal.

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