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Why Bookies Should Start Thinking NFL Draft

The Final Four takes place this weekend, meaning after Monday’s College Basketball National Championship, online bookie agents should turn their attention to the Triple Crown of thoroughbred racing: the Kentucky Derby, Preakness Stakes, and Belmont Stakes. Also in the background are NBA, NHL, and MLB.

Overshadowing all that is the betting sport that never sleeps, the NFL. Sounds crazy, but the NFL Draft takes place in late April, meaning that the current NFL Season is already under way. Before we know it, rookie mini-camps will have taken place. Per head agents should have already started thinking about the NFL Draft.

Check out how those bookies can tie in the NFL Draft to Super Bowl 54 Futures.

Promote the NFL Draft and Super Bowl 54 Betting

NFL Draft First Player Chosen Odds

The only futures bet available to players for the 2019 NFL Draft is on which player gets chosen first. Check out the current odds:

  • Kyler Murray, Oklahoma QB -400
  • Nick Bosa, Ohio State DE +225
  • Quinnen Williams, Alabama DT +1800
  • Josh Allen, Kentucky LB +2000

The list won’t change. However, the Arizona Cardinals, who pick first, might not draft Kyler Murray #1 overall. Murray was terrible in interviews during the NFL Combine. Allowing wagers on Murray at -400 could work in a pay per head agent’s favor.

Nick Bosa has a real chance to go first overall at +225. Agents must make sure max betting limits are set on Bosa at those odds. The math implies a $325 total payout, $225 in player profit, to any sports bettor that wagers $100 on Bosa if the Cardinals choose him first overall.

Tying the NFL Draft into Super Bowl 54 Futures

A great way to encourage early Super Bowl 54 Futures betting is to tie current odds into the NFL Draft. Take a look at some of the odds on teams to win Superbowl 54:

  • New England Patriots +700
  • Kansas City Chiefs +750
  • A. Rams +800
  • New Orleans Saints +900
  • Chicago Bears +1400
  • Cleveland Browns +1400
  • A. Chargers +1400
  • Philadelphia Eagles +1600
  • Dallas Cowboys +2000

Those are only the first nine betting choices. One of the teams not listed above offering massive odds to win the Super Bowl are the Oakland Raiders at +6600. The Raiders upgraded their offense by signing Tyrell Williams and acquiring Antonio Brown. They also upgraded their defense and have three picks in the NFL Draft’s first round.

If the Raiders wisely use all three picks, or package those picks for an impact player like Nick Bosa, what will happen to their Super Bowl 54 odds? They’re going to plummet.

PayPerHead agents can use the example of what could happen to Oakland’s Super Bowl 54 odds to encourage Super Bowl betting right now. If a player wanted to wager on the Raiders anyhow, they should do it before the NFL Draft.

The strategy could apply for any team in the NFL. Any team in the league that manages to draft an impact player could see their Super Bowl odds plummet. Online bookie agents should use this knowledge to increase Super Bowl 54 betting action from now until the end of the NFL Draft.

Online bookies that switch to PayPerHead can double their profits with TruLive Wagering. Our mobile live wagering allows bookies to offer players 1,000’s of betting options from over 80 leagues, including the best in international wagering.

We also offer a first of its kind Agent Payment System that allows you to seamlessly collect and make pay outs. The Agent Payment System accepts Bitcoin. If you don’t have a Bitcoin provider ask one of our reps about QB Direct. You can even use a credit card through the PayPerHead APS.

Keep in mind that as a PayPerHead agent you not only have access to a top per head sportsbook, but you also have access to a top online racebook. The Kentucky Derby is just around the corner, meaning it’s Triple Crown Season! Offer wagering on the best in both domestic and international horse racing. Sign-up today, or if you prefer, call a PayPerHead rep at 800-605-4767 for details.



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