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NFL BetAlert Steam Betting

Create A BetAlert Strategy For NFL Steam Betting

One of the very best tools that offers online bookies is the BetAlert tool, which really helps to combat steam betting.

The BetAlert pings bookies when a wager has been placed based on certain parameters bookies preset.

To get you started, we’ve provided you with a simple step-by-step strategy that utilizes the BetAlert tool to manage NFL betting in your sportsbook.

The Simple BetAlert Strategy To Prevent Steam Betting

Bookie Strategies To Prevent Steam Betting

The Simple BetAlert Strategy To Prevent Issues

A great strategy is to prevent steam betting from occurring. It occurs after a large bet has been placed that significantly changes the against the spread betting lines.

The best way for PayPerHead online bookies to prevent problems with these types of players is to follow the below strategy.

1. Find the player that has the highest chance of causing steam betting

The best way to do this is to look at player activity reports.

What you want to do is find the player that causes a change in betting lines. If you don’t have a player that wagers enough to cause changes in betting lines, instead think of that week’s games that could cause an issue.

2. Set up your BetAlert on the games that you believe might cause the issue

Set up BetAlerts on the games that might cause steam betting. You can have multiple games that could cause steam betting.

3. Once pinged, make a management decision

Once the BetAlert tool pings you about the game, or games, make management decisions on how to prevent steam betting. The following tools are available to PayPerHead agents so that they can manage their online sportsbooks:

Line mover – The line mover is a special tool that allows online bookie agents to change betting lines. You must sign up with the Premiere Package to access the line mover.

Schedule limit override – You can create overrides on games that the BetAlert tool pings you about. This automatically forces steam bettors to look to other games to bet.

By the time the override is over, they may have already wagered on a different game.

Layoff account – Often, if the BetAlert tool helps agents get ahead. They might not have to utilize their layoff accounts. The layoff account is there for them if they don’t get ahead of any steam betting.

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