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NFC South futures for bookies

Price Per Head Futures: Who’s Favored to Win NFC South Division

Because the NFC Super Bowl participant the past 2 years has come from the NFC South Division, betting interest on NFC South teams should be high this NFL Season.

Already, online bookie agents might have seen big wagers on many of the participants in the NFC South, including defending NFC Champion Atlanta, the division favorite.

Keep reading to find out how to deal with wagering action on each of the NFC South Division teams.

NFC South Division Odds

Atlanta Falcons +170

At +170, Atlanta isn’t as big of a division favorite as they probably should be. Yes, the Falcons have one of the toughest schedules in the NFL this season. But, Atlanta got better on both offense and defense during the offseason. The defense should be strong.

Expect some action on Atlanta at +170. It’s rare to be able to wager on a solid division favorite at over even money. Both casual and pro players know this.

Atlanta’s true odds of winning the division title are probably closer to +130 than to +170.

Set a schedule limit override if you get a run on the Falcons at +170.

Carolina Panthers +250

Carolina could bounce back in a huge way this season.

NFL analysts must upgrade the Panthers’ offense big time after they drafted RB Christian McCaffrey. McCaffrey should take a ton of pressure off Cam Newton, the 2015 NFL MVP.

Although Carolina is set for a bounce back season, there’s some question as to the health of ILB Luke Kuechly. Kuechly suffered a major setback to his NFL career last season by suffering a serious concussion.

One more concussion and Kuechly’s career is likely over.

Per head agents shouldn’t expect too much action on Carolina. The Panthers can win the division, but the odds are too low, and there’s too big of a question mark surrounding Kuechly, for pro players to bite.

New Orleans Saints +260

The Saints might be the surprise team in this division. New Orleans signed RB Adrian Peterson. That’s a sign the Saints are looking to rush the football way more this season than they did last season.

Is that a good thing?  That’s a great thing if you’re Drew Brees. Not taking as many hits should extend the 38-year-old quarterback’s career.

Another thing to consider is the Saints’ defense, which should be much improved from the past couple of seasons. If the Saints have any semblance of a decent defense, this team can win the NFC South. Per head agents should expect plenty of wagers on New Orleans.

Setting max betting limits on the Saints to win the NFC South might be a must.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers +350

I like Tampa Bay’s chances of winning the NFC South.

But, most pro and casual bettors likely think like me, the odds at +350 are just too low. Jameis Winston hasn’t proven that he can reach the next level yet.

Plus, like the NFC East Division, the NFC South Division is loaded with contenders. There isn’t a single squad in the division that can’t win it.

Setting max betting limits makes sense although most per head agents aren’t going to take a lot of action on the Bucs. It’s always good to err on the side of caution.

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