NCAA Basketball Tips: Create A Strategy Using The PayPerHead Line Mover

Mar 8, 2019 | BookieU

The NCAA Men’s College Basketball Tournament kicks off the week of March 18.

All PayPerHead agents should promote wagering on the NCAA Tournament.

However, agents must have max betting limits in place on moneyline wagers, though. They should also use their layoff accounts in many situations.

The other thing agents should do is create a strategy around the line mover.

PayPerHead Line Mover Strategy

The Line Mover is one of those per head agent tools that doesn’t get enough press. If you’re an agent who doesn’t have access to a line mover tools, it’s time to upgrade your sportsbook software.

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Now, check out a strategy that should encourage betting dollars to go where you, the online bookie agent, want them to go.

First, What is the Line Mover?

The line mover is a tool that PayPerHead offers that does exactly what the name implies. It gives agents the power to move betting lines.

Sportsbook lines are created by Vegas oddsmakers, or in Europe, major sportsbooks like Ladbrokes and William-Hill.

Once lines are set, individual sportsbooks, like the one at Caesar’s Palace, changes the line depending on action.

The oddsmakers at Vegas sportsbooks don’t change lines unless there’s a reason. It’s all based on action. Individual bookmakers like you can’t afford to run your business like a Vegas sportsbook.

You can’t change betting lines just based on the action since you don’t acquire as much action as a large Vegas sportsbook.

That’s why a tool like the line mover can help you encourage, or discourage action one way or another outside of the action itself.

PayPerHead Line Mover Strategy

Using the PayPerHead Line Mover, agents can encourage betting action. For example, let’s say in the Super Bowl you see that $5,000 has been wagered on the Rams, but only $1,000 on the Patriots.

Most every sportsbook in the world received more action on the Patriots than the Rams. However, for some reason, you received more action on the Rams.

A Vegas sportsbook would have to utilize its connections to off-load action on the Rams. Why? They couldn’t afford to change the betting line, Patriots -2.5.

You, on the other hand, could most definitely change the line to Patriots -1.

Heck, you could even flip-flop so that the Rams are no longer the +2.5 dogs and are now the -2.5 favorites.

PayPerHead Line Mover Strategy for the NCAA Basketball Tournament

When it comes to the NCAA Men’s College Basketball Tournament, the strategy works a couple of ways.

First, the Duke Blue Devils offer +225 odds to win the title.

Although max betting limits should be placed on Duke, it might be worth it to encourage wagering on the Blue Devils.

Winning the NCAA Tournament’s one of the hardest things to do.

Not only that, Duke star Zion Willliamson might not be 100%. Even if Zion is 100%, it’s still asking a lot for Duke to win the title.

The other way to use the line mover is to discourage wagering on dogs.

Underdogs cover the spread more than favorites do in the NCAA Tournament.

The best way to discourage wagering on dogs?

Sounds counterintuitive, but it’s to increase spreads on favorites. So, if Virginia is favored at -24, change the line to -26, or even -27.

Why do something like that?

You want to give the impression that action is going onto favorites. The best way to do that is to make it look like favorites are getting pounded in your online sportsbook. By doing so, you could force steam moves that will lead to more profit.

March Madness brings in an estimated 10 BILLION dollars a year. Only 3% is bet in big sportsbooks, like Vegas. They rest? Offshore and individual bookies. This is your chance to grab some of those billions.

Be sure to keep up-to-date with March Madness, and have the right strategies in place, including max betting limits, having your layoff account handy, and the line mover strategy.

With the right partner, like PayPerHead.com, you’ll be ready to start collecting.

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