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NCAAB March Madness

NCAAB March Madness: Most Profitable Bets for Online Bookies

The NCAA Tournament officially kicks off this Thursday, March 16. Friday presents sixteen NCAAB March Madness Tournament games.

Per head agents aren’t going to receive a lot of action on all sixteen March Madness contests.
More than likely, agents should receive action on only a handful of games. See below for what I think those games will be.

I’ve split the games up between pro players’ favorites and casual players’ favorites

Pro Players’ Favorite Round 1 NCAA Tournament Games

Cincinnati -3.5 vs Kansas State +3.5
Rhode Island +1 vs Creighton -1
Seton Hall +1 vs Arkansas -1

Pro players love to find value. It’s difficult to find value in a spread when the favorite faces -20 to beat an unknown team.

One of the reasons why your pro players might dump on the three games above is because all 6 teams are known quantities.

Cincinnati lost to SMU this past Sunday in the AAC Tournament Championship. Kansas State beat Wake Forest this past Tuesday night to garner a bid to the NCAA Tournament. Rhode Island won the Atlantic 10 Tournament.

Creighton lost to East Region 1 Villanova in the Big East Tournament Championship this past weekend. Seton Hall from the Big East and Arkansas from the SEC are known commodities.

The other reason pro players should bet on the above games is because of the low point-spreads. The lower the point-spread the easier it is for pro players to use their handicapping skills to find value.

Casual Players’ Favorite Round 1 NCAA Tournament Games

Oklahoma State +2.5 vs Michigan -2.5
Northern Kentucky +20 vs Kentucky -20
Kent State +18 vs UCLA -18

Casual Players don’t always look for value. What casual players do is bet on teams that they know, like pro players, but they love to back favorites.

This is especially true in the NCAA Tournament where, while unknown quantities like Northern Kentucky scare pro players, unknown quantities like Northern Kentucky bolster a casual players confidence on backing the favorite.

Oklahoma State versus Michigan is different. 2.5 points favors Michigan. 70% of college hoops bettors favor Michigan. Most of those hoops players are casual players.

There’s a reason. Michigan was on television every day this past weekend beating up their Big Ten rivals in the Big Ten Tournament, which the Wolverines won.

Both UCLA and Kentucky should get love because the Bruins and Wildcats are the two most storied teams in college basketball history. Plus, UCLA has the next Michael Jordan on their squad in Lonzo Ball.

As always, pay per head agents should consider setting schedule limit overrides or consider utilizing their layoff accounts if action is one-sided on any NCAA Tournament game.

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