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NBA Weekly Live betting Feb 10, 2020

NBA Weekly Live Betting Feb 10 -16

Here’s a look at Live betting for the NBA, week 2 in February 2020. NBA Basketball Games – Feb 10 through Feb 16

Live betting is one of the fastest-growing revenue streams in the online sportsbook industry. Online bookie agents should look to promote live betting on nationally televised NBA games. By doing so, they can ensure profit. Check out this week’s list of NBA games to promote, starting with games on Feb 10.

Due to this weekend’s NBA All-Star Game, the league won’t play regular-season games on Friday. Keep that in mind. But don’t worry. The All-Star Game takes place on Sunday. Every sports bettor figures to wager on and watch the NBA All-Star Game!

We add some marketing statements that you can use to promote the matchups.

NBA – Monday, Feb 10

Sacramento Kings at Milwaukee Bucks – 8:00 pm on NBA TV

Even though Milwaukee has the best record in the NBA, they don’t always cover against the spread. Will the Kings win ATS? Or, will Milwaukee blow them out?

Phoenix Suns at L.A. Lakers – 10:30 pm on NBA TV 

Two of the top offensive-minded squads in the NBA throw down on Monday night, Feb 10. Can LeBron and the Lakers score enough to cover against the Suns? Or, will the Suns’ shooters allow them to keep pace?

Tuesday, Feb 11

L.A. Clippers at Philadelphia 76ers – 7:00 pm on TNT

Kawhi and the Clippers head east on Tuesday to take on the Philadelphia 76ers. It’s Ben Simmons versus Kawhi in what should be a high-scoring game!

Boston Celtics at Houston Rockets – 9:30 pm on TNT

James “The Beard” Harden and Russell Westbrook hope to stop Boston’s Big 3. Will Jayson Tatum, Kemba Walker, and Jalyen Brown match The Beard’s and Russell’s offensive output?

Wednesday, Feb 12

Milwaukee Bucks at Indiana Pacers – 7:30 pm on ESPN

On Wednesday, Giannis leads the Bucks against Indiana’s top frontcourt. The Pacers are well behind the Bucks in the Central Division. Can they make up some ground on Feb. 12?

L.A. Lakers at Denver Nuggets – 10:00 pm on ESPN

Two of the top 3 players in the NBA hit the court when the Lakers battle the Nuggets! LeBron James and Anthony Davis hope to contain automatic double-double big man Nikolas Jokic. Lakers-Nuggets is one you can’t miss!

Thursday, Feb 13

L.A. Clippers at Boston Celtics – 8:00 pm on TNT

The Clippers’ east coast road trip continues on Thursday when they battle the Celtics in Bean Town. Can Los Angeles show they have what it takes to beat an Eastern Conference power on the road?

Sunday, Feb 16

Team LeBron vs Team Giannis – 8:00 pm on TNT

It’s here, the 2020 NBA All-Star Game! Expect a high-scoring affair as LeBron’s squad does battle with Giannis’ team. Make bets before tip-off and then wager as the game unfolds!

Tips to Promote NBA Live Betting

Either use the statements we list above or variations of those statements to drum up interest before tip-off. Make sure to add a statement like this, “don’t forget to live bet on the ____ versus the____.”

You can provide a secondary marketing push by texting during the game. A few things about texting:

  1. Use player reports finding your top basketball bettors
  2. Don’t over-text during the game
  3. Be ready to start a conversation in case your players text back
  4. Make texts fun, positive, and exciting

Make sure your players know how much fun it is to live bet NBA games. Your players are likely to watch most, if not all, nationally broadcast NBA games. They’ll definitely wager on and watch the NBA All-Star Game on Feb. 16.  

Pump up the exciting live betting experience. Check out specific Pay Per Head Live Betting Benefits for pay per head agents.

1) Longer player activity means a higher probability of wager.

2) Higher overall hold percentage between 5.5 and 6.5 percent, because of increased juice.

3) Other live events may stimulate players to play different sports other than majors only.

4) Increased branding image for agents.

5) More markets and options than ever before.

6) TruLive and Live+ options are available only with Pay Per Head.

Promote NBA Live Betting Feb 10 – 16

Per head agents should promote as much live betting as they can. Live betting is one of the fastest-growing and most important sportsbook revenue streams, which we also cover in our article on how to be a bookie. Bettors get excited when they know they can wager on live games. Not only that but the nature of the NBA is perfect for live betting!

If you’re a Pay Per Head agent, make sure to go with one of two live betting packages: TruLive Wagering and Live+. If you’ve got any questions call a Pay Per Head customer service rep at 800-605-4767.

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