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NBA Futures For Bookies

Price Per Head Futures: Set Your Sportsbooks for NBA Futures

The NBA is just about to heat up so its a good time to look at futures betting. The NFL Playoffs start this weekend. Super Bowl LII takes place on the first Sunday in February.

Many sports bettors will turn their attention to the NBA. What it means is that there’s a good chance online bookie agents could see an influx of NBA future betting action.

Check out what you, the pay per head agent, should do to manage NBA future bets.

2018 NBA Championship Futures

Golden State Warriors    -175

Cleveland Cavaliers    +475

Houston Rockets     +475

Boston Celtics     +1000

San Antonio Spurs    +1800

Oklahoma City Thunder   +2500

The Golden State Warriors have gone from a +100 favorite to a -175 favorite. No other team in the NBA is expected to come close to beating the Warriors.

One of the reasons for the Warriors drop in odds must do with how Golden State put a beat down on Cleveland this past Christmas Day even though point-guard Steph Curry was out with an injury.

That had to impress several sports bettors.

Only the Cleveland Cavaliers and Houston Rockets are expected to challenge the Golden State Warriors in the playoffs. Both are at +475 to win the 2018 NBA Championship.

The only other team getting some action are the Boston Celtics at +1000.

Check out what pay per head agents should do to set up their sportsbooks for NBA Futures betting.

Set max betting limits on players

Setting max betting limits on players is more important than setting max betting limits on individual NBA Championship future choices.

By setting max betting limits on a player, you force that player to decide to use all his or her max limit on the Golden State Warriors.

For every $175 a player invests in the Warriors, the potential profit is $75. That’s a huge premium. Depending on the max player betting limit assigned, discouraging action on the Warriors is possible.

The way to set max betting limits on players is to use the mass editing tool. Set the same max betting limit on all players. Pro players rarely bet futures.

Casual players usually don’t bet more than a couple of hundred on a future wager.

Take The NBA Futures Favorite Off The Board

If too much action ends up on the Warriors, simply take them off the board. There’s no reason to continue to accept action on a low-priced favorite.

The Warriors are a -175 favorite for a reason.

Set Schedule Limit Overrides Over The Weekend

The NBA plays games almost every day. The best way to ensure that players don’t take advantage of odds that aren’t in line with what Vegas offers is to take NBA future betting off the board from Thursday night to Monday morning.

If you, the per head agent, do the three things listed above, even if the Warriors take the NBA Championship, you should escape with a profit.

Having the right tools in place will make the difference between any and all future betting. offers the tools above and much more.

Right now, PayPerHead is offering their Prime Package for just $10 per head. That’s the same price as their Professional Package!

If you’re already a PayPerHead Professional Package member, we have some exciting news for you! PayPerHead is currently allowing agents to upgrade to Prime Package FOR FREE!

Always remember, it’s your sportsbook. Run it the way that’s best for you.

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