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NBA 2019 - 2020 season betting

Gearing Up For NBA Season 2019 – 2020

The 2019-2020 NBA season is just weeks away and the sports betting industry couldn’t be happier. 

Bookies and players alike have an exciting 2019 – 2020 NBA season to look forward to with the chase for the finals wide open.  

With the first few days of training camp in our rearview, it’s really time to get serious about planning for the upcoming NBA season. 

Games are starting on October 22nd so we have just a few weeks to prep and with our blogs and 27/7 customer service, there is still plenty of time to get set up for success. 

What does all this mean for a PayPerHead agent? Well, first thing’s first. How do you get your clients excited for the NBA betting season in a time when the NFL is dominating the calendar and the industry alike?

Getting Your Sportsbook Ready for the 2019-2020 NBA Season

If the NBA season will be your first foray into the Pay Per Head industry then first check out our previous blog entries on “Opening an Independent Sportsbook” & “Managing your Bankroll”.  

Once you’ve familiarized yourself with the basics, it’s time to focus on the NBA season by gathering players to bet at your sportsbook.  There are a number of tactics that have proven useful when looking to attract players to a certain sport or event.  

The most obvious choice is to offer your clients, old or new, some type of promotion directly tied to wagering on the NBA. 

This is a case of small sportsbooks taking lessons from the big boys, just a scaled-down version. So, instead of offering a $500 free play, promote something more palatable for you, 20$ or 100$ goes a long way for independent books.

Maybe give your players one free bet on their first NBA wager of the year up to 25$, winners keep the profits and losers get their stake back.  It’s a risk-free bet for the clients and will get players betting week-1 and hopefully carry their wagering into the winter.

You can also provide initial deposit bonuses for new players, or even existing players, as long as they use it to bet on NBA only. These are all things which most smaller books don’t offer and will really set you apart from the pack. Something we pride ourselves on here at PayPerHead.  

Another tactic is to look at targeting the younger, up and coming, sports bettors who have yet to commit to a book.

To grab the young guns, a non-traditional approach is required when putting your marketing plan together. 

Take a look around the next time you’re out and about, and you will notice something about the under-30 crowd you encounter. They all have their eyes glued to their mobile devices texting, tweeting or surfing the web for who knows what. 

The point is, mobile is the platform of the future. This provides you with direct access to this critical demographic of new sports bettors who you can impress and bring into your sportsbook before others get to them.  

As it stands, the most useful platforms for accomplishing this are Twitter and Youtube.  This is due large in part to their video sharing, ability to tag and a less strict policy on content allowed as Facebook and Instagram do. 

Twitter can be great for sharing engaging graphics that promote your sportsbook, your bonuses or just generic betting news on a daily basis. 

YouTube can be utilized to make videos, both short or long-form, and even live streams to discuss tactics for in-play betting while the game is going on.

The goal here is to build a voice for yourself, your sportsbook, or both by posting quality content on a consistent basis.  This can be things as simple as odds reports to things an involved as writing and posting custom blogs to inform your specific followers and clients of things you deem important for growth. 

NBA Starting Lineup Rule Changes

The upcoming rule changes to the NBA starting lineup in 2019 – 2020 season have gone under the radar and mostly overlooked as a non-story so far this offseason.  Fact is, for sports bettors, sportsbooks and even daily fantasy players, these lineup changes are huge.

The League announced that they will now require teams to make their starting five public knowledge at least 30-minutes prior to tip-off.  This extra time to prep will give both sportsbooks and bettors more information to make final decisions on their NBA wagers.

By adjusting the required period of time to post the starting lineups it changes the way opposing teams, the media, fans, and sports bettors prepare for the upcoming game.  

The fantastic thing about this rule change is that, according to NBA league officials, this change is not aimed in any way at assisting players or coaching gameplans. 

The provided reason for this change is, in fact, to provide gamblers with more transparency when it comes to league data and news. What a time to be alive. A professional American sports league is making rule changes to benefit the sports betting community! 

This is a huge win for sports and fantasy players alike,  plus an unprecedented move by a professional sports league. 

Adam Silver gets his way after many years of pushing for increased access to information provided to the general public.  This restricts teams from making last-minute roster changes to throw off their opponent in what could be viewed as a nefarious tactic.  This has the effect of swinging betting lines, perhaps drastically, depending on the player(s) involved in those last-minute adjustments. 

Betting lines are always the most volatile as they near close, and just a ten-minute requirement just wasn’t sufficient to keep the lines from fluctuating too drastically.  With the period extended to 30-minutes, it creates a bit less chaos as game time nears.  

As a PayPerHead agent, you can take advantage of this information in the same way that the bettors can.  This will allow you to use our odds tool to adjust any NBA book based on the starting lineup 30 minutes before the game starts as opposed to just 10, for the 2019 – 2020 season.

This gives you a chance to get out in front of some, if not all, of your clients and adjusts lines before they have a chance to re-assess their game-time wagers. Having prior knowledge of the starting lineup also allows you to make the most of your layoff account as well,  a topic we covered here last week

There really is no better time than now to get started as a PayPerHead pro agent and open your independent sportsbook today! 

Not only are we in the midst of the NFL & NCAAF season, but we’re also heading into the MLB playoffs plus the NHL and NBA seasons going live this month.  

There is a lot going on in the world of sports and you are missing out on capitalizing if you don’t register soon. Check out our current promotions now

PayPerHead offers features such as live betting, 24/7 customer service, agent payment solutions and so much more.  So stop wasting time, join now and start making money off your own sportsbook by game time tonight. 

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