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Odds NBA 2018 Championship Shift

2017-18 NBA Odds: Top Moves That Tilted The Future Odds

The NBA just doesn’t want to quit with the drama. Although Golden State beat Cleveland in 5 games to win the NBA Championship, the NBA is still providing fireworks.

First, there was the NBA Draft. Now, there’s NBA Free Agency.

NBA Free Agency has led to some interesting odds for the 2018 NBA Championship.

Check out info on some of those teams as well as information on what pay per head agents should look for.

Warriors Go Down, Cavaliers Go Up

Golden State Warriors 5/8

Cleveland Cavaliers 7/2

Golden State’s odds took a huge hit after both Steph Curry and Kevin Durant resigned. Although I do feel that the Warriors are the favorites, I believe the odds make them an underlay.

Before allowing massive bets on Golden State at 5/8, you should do your own homework on the Warriors. Any agent who believes they’re a lock, still set a max betting limit on GS even though their odds are low.

Cleveland presents a different issue. The Cavaliers have made no moves yet this season. Such is the power of LeBron James that the Cavs are still a solid second choice at 7/2 to win the NBA Championship.

It’s difficult to know if Cleveland ends up with Carmelo Anthony. If they do, the odds should go lower. Set max betting limits no matter what.  

Houston and Boston Make Moves

Houston Rockets 20/1

Keep an eye out for action on the Houston Rockets.  The Rockets traded for Chris Paul. Paul is one of the Top 3 pure point-guards in the NBA. He, like James “The Beard” Harden, must be double-teamed on the perimeter.

But, the Rockets aren’t stopping with just adding CP3. They’re also, like Cleveland, hoping to trade for Carmelo Anthony.

If Houston adds Melo, there’s no reason the Rockets shouldn’t challenge Golden State in the NBA Western Conference.

Melo’s going to be unstoppable in Mike D’Antoni’s system.

Per head agents should definitely keep tabs on what Houston does from now until the beginning of the season. Some reports have stated that Melo to Houston is a done deal.

Make sure max betting limits are in place with Houston at 20 to 1. If they sign Melo, expect a barrage of wagers before Vegas changes the line.

Boston Celtics 10/1

I don’t believe the Celtics are a bad bet at 10/1. If I don’t think Boston is a bad bet at 10/1, and I’m a per head agent, what are professional NBA future bettors to think?

Boston signed Gordon Hayward, one of the best players in the NBA. They also acquired underrated power forward Marcus Morris.

What should online bookie agents do with the Celtics? Set max betting limits at 10 to 1. Danny Ainge has said that he may not be done wheeling and dealing.

If he isn’t, you could find yourself on the hook for the Celtics at 10 to 1 when their odds should be closer to 6 to 1.

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