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Baseball Season
$3 per head for 3 weeks


Baseball Season is back. $3 for 3 weeks promo.

Try out everything PayPerHead has to offer. Your profits will hit the upper deck.


Your players can’t wait for Baseball season to start. And you can’t wait to start making money. The time has come to hit a home run and profit like never before. Are you ready to step up to the plate and hit a grand slam?

We’ve got more than Baseball. Our standard casino includes 20 slot machines and table games. Premium casino has the latest 3D games. And our two Premium Live Dealer platforms will make your players feel like they’re back at the real Vegas.

You only pay for active players.


Our Live+ gives your players access to video streams and game tracker. Players can watch and bet on the same platform, creating a huge amount of stickiness. 

Add to that, Premium Props which will give them many more betting opportunities per game, including how many points an athlete scores, number of touchdowns thrown, or how many strikeouts a pitcher gets. 

Your players will stick with you for every game.

Batter up!


With all the action your players can get, you have ample opportunities to make great money on PayPerHead’s software platform. But we also provide features to improve your bookie business as well:

  • Pay and collect from your players easily and securely
  • Professional 24/7 customer support
  • Player management tools for odds managing, bet & payoff limits, player reports, and player betting notifications

Import your players today.

Join the big leagues with PayPerHead