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MLB Betting: Make The 2021 Major League Baseball Season Your Most Profitable Ever

MLB Betting: Make 2021 Your Most Profitable Season

Check out any MLB betting Reddit page and pay per head agents will discover that baseball handicappers are some of the most intelligent gamblers on the planet. Some players wait all year for baseball before making a single wager. Check out what every bookie must know to ensure they make and keep profit during the 2021 MLB Season.

The 2020 MLB Season may have spoiled pay per head agents. The favorite before the season started, the Los Angeles Dodgers, won the World Series. 

Some preseason favorites failed to make a dent while others performed much better than they were supposed to. The real reason sportsbook software agents may have gotten spoiled is because teams played a total of 60 regular-season games.

If you’ve got a sinking feeling about this year’s MLB Season, where teams will play a full 162-game schedule, there’s a reason. MLB betting tips are plentiful, and most baseball bettors know what they’re doing.

Providing online sportsbook services to a baseball expert could end in disaster, which is why you should keep reading. The following information will help ensure your PPH sportsbook makes more profit on this year’s MLB Season than in past seasons.

Set max limit and max payouts on MLB Parlays

In Red’s latest review, he discusses two things. First, he talks about why he dislikes the Major League Baseball season. Second, he discusses how he manages MLB betting parlays.

Red says the same things we wrote in the introduction: expert baseball bettors can take advantage of unsuspecting pay per head service agents. Unlike football and basketball, there is no spread line. 

A player mustn’t lay odds on a team or accept odds on a team. Bookies don’t make money from fees on moneyline wagers. 

In baseball, there are three bets, over or under totals, moneylines, and run lines. Check out a further description of each.

  • Moneylines – Just like in football or basketball, players bet on one team to win
  • Over or Under Totals – Like in football or basketball, players choose whether a game goes over or under a total. Oddsmaking bookies can charge a fee for over-under baseball totals. 
  • Run line – The run line is akin to a soccer handicap. To bet on one team, you must lay 1 ½ runs. The team laying runs often provides above even money odds. The team accepting runs requires more player risk. 

Red says in his review that he accepts as much action as the player wants to lay on straight bets. Online bookie agents like Red can use their layoff accounts to cut risk on straight bets. 

Moneylines in baseball work exactly like moneylines in football, basketball, and soccer. If players wish to score a profit on favorites, they must risk more than even money. 

Sometimes, players call bookie agents looking to add more than two to three teams into baseball parlays. MLB betting like this can lead to sportsbook losses.

Why? The more teams added to a parlay, the higher the payout. Expert baseball handicappers are adept at finding optimal moneylines based on pitcher versus batter stats. 

A two-team parlay pays around 2-to-1. A three-team parlay pays approximately 6-to-1. Players call bookie agents looking to place parlays with four or more teams. 

Because of the higher payouts, Red keeps his parlay limits to three teams. For some players, a two-team parlay limit makes sense.

Use Your Circle Games Tool

It’s also a good idea to circle games. PayPerHead has an updated circle games tool, one which is more intuitive than the previous version.

By circling a game, agents can set specific wager limits based on time period, sport, game type, or profile. It helps to circle games to prevent steam moves, those moves that can dent your book’s profitability. 

With the circle limits tool, you can also hide event lines and hide bet types. Use circle limits to prevent players from adding obvious MLB betting moneylines to parlays or creating steam with a straight bet.   

Add Premium Props to boost MLB betting action

Consider adding the Premium Props platform. Doing so will boost betting on MLB without adding agent exposure. Baseball prop bets are some of the most difficult to hit.

By providing free betting software on prop wagers, you can ensure players continue betting on your platforms. If you add Live+ with game trackers and video streams, you give players even less of a reason to ditch your sportsbook for a competitor’s.

If you aren’t a PayPerHead agent, import players when you can. We use proprietary bookie software, which means we can add platforms more quickly than other payperhead companies. 

We also offer the best referral program in the industry, and we often run multiple promotions. Also, we’re one of only two PPH sports companies that provide a way for you and your players to deposit into your accounts via credit cards, debit cards, and cryptocurrencies.   

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