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Pay Per Head Agents Expecting Significant Profit During March Madness 2018

SAN JOSE, Costa Rica – March 9, 2018 – anticipates a large influx of profit throughout this year’s NCAA March Madness.  Millions of sports enthusiasts, per head agents, and wagers will create waves of change throughout the industry.  Per head agents are anticipating the most profitable and viewed NCAA March Madness yet.


In previous years, March Madness has generated significant amounts of revenue for the sports betting industry.  Throughout 2017, an estimated $9.2 billion dollars was generated through tournament gambling across the industry.


“March Madness has always been an exciting time for the industry,” says Nate Johnson, Product Manager. “With a larger audience across broadcast and live streaming services, we’re anticipating average earnings for per head agents to increase dramatically.”


March Madness has always been a significant growth period in the per head industry, with over $10 billion dollars worth of wagers placed on March Madness events over the past three years.


In 2017, NCAA Final Four broadcasts saw a 21% increase in viewership from previous years. 2018’s March Madness is expected to surpass a viewership of nearly 32.5 million across broadcast and streaming services.  Nate Johnston suggests, “This significant increase of viewership is expected to launch our average earnings exponentially.”  It’s clear that the stage has been set for a boom in industry.


The substantial increase of viewership is forecasted to influence the average profit for Per Head Agents this March directly.  Nate Johnson adds, “With bracket announcements being only a few days away, agents can expect to be surrounded by large betting headlines.  No one will want to miss out.”




About PayPerHead


PayPerHead (, founded in 1997, is the industry’s leading per head online bookie software, providing user-friendly tools and unmatched customer service.’s agents reach unprecedented profits through its sportsbook software. To date, has provided service for over 13,000 users with professional and discrete data processing services around the globe. For more information visit

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