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Lessons for Online Bookie Agents

3 Sportsbook Success Lessons From A Master Online Bookie Agent

We all know that master online bookie agents are different than online bookie agents. Master online bookie agents hire subagents to help them run their businesses.

Individual per head agents run their businesses by themselves.

If you’re well on your way, or are thinking about expanding your sportsbook business and becoming a master agent, you need the right sportsbook management software.

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The following 3 sportsbook success lessons are from a master online bookie agent.

Lessons From A Master Online Bookie Agent

If you are a master online bookie agent, or wish to become one, pay attention to each lesson.

1. Hire subagents that are better at something than you are

As a master agent, you won’t have time to increase action through the online casino, online racebook, or even MLB betting.

If you’re not a casino, horse racing, or baseball betting expert, hire a subagent that is an expert in one or all of those categories.

The best way to increase action in a category where you aren’t an expert is to hire someone who is an expert.

2. Switch to a cryptocurrency

You should absolutely switch transactions from a traditional currency to a cryptocurrency. accepts both Bitcoin and Ethereum. Bitcoin and Ethereum are the two most popular cryptocurrencies.

Why a cryptocurrency? Cryptocurrencies provide more anonymity than traditional currencies.

Find out more about cryptocurrencies and their benefits here.

Not only that, but because they’re peer-to-peer they’re more secure. Even before you become a master agent, security and privacy are of the utmost concern.

Performing transactions in a cryptocurrency like Bitcoin provides the most possible security and privacy imaginable.

3. Study reports

A master agent can hand over live betting management duties to a subagent. It’s possible for subagents to handle all day to day activities, so long as you hire the right subagents.

What subagents can’t do is read reports and forecast. Only a master agent can do that.

Forecasting is huge for master agents. Think about it this way, as a per head agent, you don’t necessarily care how much money you made on last year’s Super Bowl.

Knowing your profit can help you determine what profit you’re likely to get on this year’s Super Bowl. That’s decent information to have. However, it’s not necessary information.

For a master agent, though, knowing exactly how much profit the company made on last year’s Super Bowl is necessary information.

The reason is that online bookie agents only become master agents when they either wish to expand their businesses, or when their business has grown too large for them to not become master agents.

Understanding exactly how much money you should expect from the Super Bowl should help you make decisions on increasing Super Bowl betting action.

Take lessons from the pros when it comes to expanding your online bookie business. They’ve been there and done it. So has

Having the right pay per head software allows master bookie agents to create their lucrative sportsbook empire. PayPerHead has been in the business since 1997 and are the pioneers of the industry.

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