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Bookie Tips: Layoff accounts

When Price Per Head Agents Should Use Layoff Accounts

Many pay per head agents who work with point to the layoff account as the reason they decided to collaborate with PayPerHead. It makes sense.

Not all PPH companies offer a powerful tool like layoff accounts.

But, in addition to being a powerful tool, layoff accounts also have the chance of being misused. Online bookie agents should be aware of when to use the layoff account.

See below for the one reason to use this powerful tool. I’ve added an example.

Balance Action on Spread Bets

The only reason to use layoff accounts is to balance action on one side of a spread bet. The way to balance action isn’t to bet the opposite of where the action has gone.

It’s to bet on the side of where the action has gone. That’s why the tool is called a layoff account.
Price per head agents lay off action that they’ve taken on one side of a spread bet.

To illustrate how this works, below is an example:

Atlanta Falcons +3
New England Patriots -3

Some bookmakers took an inordinate amount of action on Atlanta at +3 in Super Bowl LI. One pro player dumped a million dollars on the Falcons at +3. It’s doubtful that any of you took more than $1,000 on the Falcons or Patriots in Super Bowl LI.

No matter. $1,000 to you is likely comparable to $1 million to a Las Vegas sportsbook. In fact, if you take $1,000 in action on one side of a spread bet, it’s probably more important to you than the Las Vegas sportsbook taking the $1 million in action on one side of a bet.

You don’t have 5-star restaurants and companies like Louis Vuitton renting your garage.

So, if you did in fact take a ton of action on Atlanta at +3, you’d want to utilize your layoff account and put money on Atlanta at +3. That way, you lay off some or all action on the Falcons.

Now, some might say that by doing so, by utilizing the layoff account in this manner on the Falcons, may have led to leaving profit on the table. Seeing how the Patriots beat Atlanta by 6 points, 34 to 28 in Super Bowl LI.

Those individuals are correct in saying that. But, remember, once Atlanta went up 28 to 3, the moneyline odds on the Falcons losing Super Bowl LI was 1 to 25. Your job isn’t to be greedy.

Your job is to make consistent revenue that you turn into consistent profit. As a price per head agent, as an online bookie running your own business, you should always be thinking about how the decisions that you make today are going to affect your business tomorrow.

Become A PayPerHead Agent

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For only a few days longer is offering agents who join a FREE upgrade to their premium platform. And at PayPerHead, premium means premium, so you can expect the best tools in the business to help your business grow. reps are available to chat online. PayPerHead reps know everything you need to know about the layoff account and what their premium platform can do for you. You can also call reps at 888-978-0288.

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