How Kevin Durant Changed The Odds for Bookies

Jul 7, 2016 | NBA

Earlier this week, Kevin Durant signing with the Golden State Warriors was the most talked about sporting news of the year. Not only did Kevin Durant signing with the Golden State Warriors changed how his fans view him now, how online bookies will handle this new situation and the change of betting odds on him.Grow your NFL player list with PayPerHead.com’s $3 per head pricing that’s only available during the summer before the NFL season starts in a month. Grab the deal here.This announcement affects online bookies more than their players in their books. Online bookies know already that the Golden State Warriors a few months ago won most of the regular games in all of the league’s history and recruiting this All-Star award winner will only change his odds even more.

The 2017 NBA Season With Kevin Durant On The Golden State Warriors

Online bookies are already starting to talk about the 2017 NBA season, and players are already getting their future bets in with the now the new favorite of the 2017 NBA season being the Golden State Warriors.With many fan favorites being on the Golden State Warriors such as Stephen Curry, Draymond Green and Klay Thompson, Golden State Warriors have a bigger advantage to win the next NBA season compared to any other team.We could see the Golden State Warriors win the 2017 NBA season rather than lose.

Kevin Durant’s Latest Odds

Kevin Durant’s odds went from +250 to -150 once the announcement was made that Kevin Durant had signed with the Golden State Warriors. Online bookies can expect to lose more profit if these teams do win and Kevin Durant scoring prop bets, there is a possibility of online bookies even gaining a significant profit if the Golden State Warriors lose the NBA 2017 season.There’s also talk about how Kevin Durant signed onto the Golden State Warriors how he’ll have to perform at his best with the pressure of also playing with other All-Star award winners. This pressure from fans and the team members could make Kevin Durant nervous and perform at his worst, and if he fails in the Golden State Warriors, fans and players will no longer have a reason to place their wagers on Kevin Durant.As an online bookie, we suggest you continue to follow the trends of the Golden State Warriors, Kevin Durant and the 2017 NBA season.Are you ready to save and build your player list for the 2016 NFL season? PayPerHead.com is offering online bookies a $3 per head pricing deal just for the 2016 NFL season. Online bookies should grab this deal now as it’s gone at the end of the summer. Get it today and start growing your business in football today.