How to Promote Johnson VS Cejudo and UFC Betting (Plus 3 Tools!)
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UFC Betting Promotions

How to Promote Johnson VS Cejudo and UFC Betting (Plus 3 Needed Tools!)

UFC 227 takes place on August 4. The main event features Demetrius Johnson versus Henry Cejudo. Most online bookies aren’t familiar with UFC betting.

No problem. This blog tells them 3 ways to promote UFC betting along with providing 3 must-have tools to manage UFC betting.

How to Promote UFC Betting

Pay attention below for the 3 tips, and remember, all the tools listed below are offered through

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1. Compare UFC odds to Boxing odds

Boxing odds are almost always out of control. One fighter is favored by a huge amount over another fighter.

However, at UFC, odds aren’t nearly as one-sided. For example, even though Johnson is a big favorite over Cejudo, Garbrandt versus Dillashaw, which takes place the very next day, offers close to even odds between the two fighters.

2. Plenty of UFC bout choices

Although odds haven’t been set for every bout on the UFC 227 main card, odds will be set for every bout before August 4.

Currently, UFC 227 has 9 bouts on the main card. Before the main card, UFC 227 will have 4 preliminary bouts. That’s plenty of fighting action for UFC bettors.

3. Consistent, weekly, UFC events

Boxing events happen every week as well, but UFC is much better at promoting their weekly events than boxing promoters are at promoting their events.

UFC has become a dynamo marketing company ala the NFL while boxing remains a fractured sport with multiple promoters.

That means gaining information on specific UFC fighters is much easier than gaining information on specific boxers.

3 Tool to Use for UFC Betting

As stated above, I’m going to provide you with 3 tools you can use to really maintain and grow profits with UFC betting.

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1. BetAlert tool

The BetAlert tool will tell pay per head agents when they must set max betting limits, or even take a UFC bout off the board.

For example, if someone lays $1,000 on Cejudo at +400 to beat Johnson, the bet alert sends out a ping that a big wager has been placed.

2. Mass editing tool

Once online bookies have received a pin from the BetAlert tool, they can then use the mass editing tool to set max betting limits for all their players.

In the example above, a ping about the $1,000 wager on Cejudo would lead the agent to set max betting limits on Cejudo at +400.

3. Hold percentage tool

All per head agents should use the hold percentage tool after each UFC Event to see how much action they’ve received on UFC fights.

If agents must promote UFC fights to increase action, and increase the actual hold percentage, profit won after all UFC bets are graded, they can take steps to do so.

The hold percentage tool is incredibly useful to help online bookies discover what steps to take to increase wagering.

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