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UFC 229 Betting how to make a profit

3 Strategies Bookies Can Use to Increase UFC 229 Betting Action

Conor McGregor headlines UFC 229 which takes place on Saturday, October 6 in Las Vegas, Nevada. McGregor battles champion Khabib Nurmagomedov. Are you offering UFC 229 betting?

Since it’s McGregor’s first battle since the “bus incident”, online bookie agents can make huge profits with UFC 229 betting.

3 Strategies to Increase Profit on UFC 229 Betting

Check out 3 strategies bookie agents can use to increase profit on UFC 229. Be sure your pay per head software allows you to offer UFC lines, or you’ll miss out on this big event opportunity.

1. Offer a UFC 229 Betting Contest

Right now, players can only wager on McGregor vs Khabib. About a week or two before UFC 229, though, players can wager on every fight on the UFC 229 card.

This includes fights on the preliminary card as well as fights on the main card.

Since a total of 12 fights take place at UFC 229, per head agents can run a contest that offers a wagering credit to players to make something like 7 winning bets.

A contest like that should push action to the agent’s sportsbook.

2. Promote Conor McGregor as an underdog

Conor McGregor, right now at least, offers underdog odds to beat Khabib. When was the last time McGregor appeared as an underdog in the Octagon?

McGregor remains the most popular MMA fighter on the planet.

He might be the most popular combat sports fighter on the planet. It’s a rarity that McGregor offers underdog odds.

You must alert your players to this fact so that they can jump onto your pph sportsbook and bet on McGregor.

3. Tie Khabib vs McGregor with an NFL 229 promoted parlay

Throw the Khabib vs McGregor fight into a promoted parlay with NFL games.

Send marketing messages to players about how the Khabib vs McGregor battle is the biggest UFC fight of the year.

Tie it into the most intriguing NFL matchups on Sunday. Some NFL matchups on that Sunday are:

    • Jacksonville at Kansas City,
    • Denver at New York Jets,
    • Atlanta at Pittsburgh,
    • New York Giants at Carolina,
    • Oakland at L.A. Chargers,
    • Minnesota at Philadelphia,
    • L.A. Rams at Seattle,
    • Dallas at Houston.

By tying Khabib vs McGregor to NFL games, per head agents should bump action on UFC 229.

Make all marketing messages fun to showcase how awesome it will be on Saturday night before the great NFL action on Sunday.

Having control of your own sportsbook allows you to advance your online business and get the most out of every event possible

PayPerHead allows you to create your own parlays, and promote your parlays the way you to. Plus, with thousands of betting events for your players to bet on (including the ability to offer events like UFC 229 betting), you’ll be ahead of the game and living the good life in no time.

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