As the weekend of the big football game approaches, every NFL fan reaches for the newspaper to read the latest injury report to see if the other team’s star quarterback is playing or not. The sportsbook experts are also reaching for those injury reports, but the bettors try to get more out of the average injury reports than the fans do.To the bettor, it is important to find out why a player is sitting out a game because that injury could hobble the player the rest of the season, even if he returns to the line-up.

Injury reports are vague and specific at the same time. The injury reports that the fans see are the same ones that the NFL teams see. That is why specific injuries have been replaced with the phrases “upper-body injury” and “lower-body injury.” If an NFL team knows that its opponent’s running back was injured with a bad knee, then that can change the game planning a bit. The less the opponents’ know about specific injuries, the less the opponents can set up a proper game plan.

With all of this secrecy going on, how is the average price per head sports fan supposed to read an NFL injury report? Every injury report will list players as one of three things; out, questionable, or probable. When a player is listed as “out,” then he is definitely not playing in that particular week’s game. This status can change from week to week, so fans should keep an eye on that player as the week’s go by.

When a player is listed as “questionable,” then he may or may not play in a game. The coaches will have to make a game-time decision on whether that player can perform in the game or not. When a player is listed as “probable,” then he is more than likely playing in the game. The player is injured, but not enough for him to be taken out of a game. Players who are questionable or probable will sometimes have their playing time limited throughout the game, so that is why it is important to know which players are on the injury reports and which ones are not.

One of the more confusing injury report terms for fans to understand is “injured reserve.” The bookies check the injured reserve list each week because injured reserve means that the player is out for the season. The team is allowed to keep the player under contract, but injured reserve also allows the team to bring on a replacement player to take the injured player’s roster spot. Without the injured reserve designation, the team cannot bring on players to replace injured players on the roster.

The “physically unable to perform” list, also known as the “PUP” list, is similar to the injured reserve list with the significant exception being that players on the PUP list can return to the active roster before the season ends.