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Horse Race Betting: Kentucky Derby Prep Races

See More Horse Race Betting With The Kentucky Derby Prep Races

The Kentucky Derby takes place on the first Saturday in May. However, Kentucky Derby Season is taking place right now, so its a good time to look at the prep races.

Make sure you can offer your horse race bettors the most tracks available. offers over 70 tracks, and is ready for the Road to Kentucky Derby.

Horseplayers call it the Road to the Kentucky Derby. All pay per head agents should promote Kentucky Derby prep races.

They should also promote Kentucky Derby futures.

2018 Kentucky Derby Future Odds

Bolt D’Oro  9/2

Good Magic  13/2

Mask   15/2

McKinzie  17/2

Montauk   17/2

Catholic Boy   10/1

These are the top choices to win the Kentucky Derby. Just so agents are aware, the favorite in the Derby futures almost never wins the Derby.

Last year’s future’s Derby favorite, Classic Empire, finished fourth in the Derby.

This year’s favorite to win the Kentucky Derby in the futures, Bolt D’Oro, has missed training. He might get a single prep before the Derby in May.

Although for most horseplayers that means he’s a play against, he’s still the 9/2 favorite on the board.

Pay per head agents should promote Bolt D’Oro has a heavy favorite to win the Kentucky Derby. Always Dreaming was the 5 to 1 favorite to win the Run for the Roses in 2017.

Those who don’t know much about horse racing might really believe Bolt D’Oro is that much better than his competition.

That’s the trick. When you promote Kentucky Derby future betting, you aren’t promoting to professional horseplayers.

Pro horseplayers won’t touch any equine in the futures book at less than 20 to 1. Casual horseplayers, or horse racing fans, are likely to bet on multiple Kentucky Derby future choices.

Promote Kentucky Derby Prep Races

This is where the big money is. Promoting Kentucky Derby prep races can lead to bookmaking riches. The reason is that Derby prep races are called prep races for a reason.

A top 3 placing in a major Derby prep race leads to a start in the Kentucky Derby. The very best three-year-olds don’t always lay it all on the line in Derby prep races.

Equines that aren’t as talented always lay it all on the line in Derby prep races. The reason is that those equines must ensure they grab enough points to get into the Derby starting gate.

Handicapping trainer and jockey intent is the hardest thing to do. It’s almost impossible to figure out exactly what the trainer wants a good three-year-old to get out of a Derby prep race.

The harder the race to handicap, the more profit an agent’s online racebook is likely to generate.

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