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Derby Points Affect Racebook

Racebook Tips: How Derby Points Can Affect The Stakes in Your Book

If you’re an online bookie agent who doesn’t have a lot of online racebook experience or is just starting out with your own bookie business, don’t worry. That’s why we write blogs like this one where we tell you how Derby Points affect Kentucky Derby Futures.

Anything that affects Kentucky Derby futures is bound to affect the stakes in your book.

2018 Kentucky Derby: Current Future Odds

Bolt d’Oro 4/1

Good Magic 6/1

Mask 8/1

Montauk 9/1

Instilled Regard 10/1

McKinzie 12/1

This the perfect time to write this blog. The reason is that the current favorite to win the 2018 Kentucky Derby, Bolt d’Oro, begins his quest for the Run for the Roses in this Saturday’s San Felipe Stakes at Santa Anita Park.

Bolt d’Oro finished third in last year’s Breeders’ Cup Juvenile as the heavy favorite. He’s a monster of a horse. He should have no trouble winning the San Felipe Stakes.

If he does, he might garner enough Derby Points to get into the Kentucky Derby starting gate.

What are Derby Points?

Derby Points are assigned to first, second, and third place finishers in Derby Prep Races. The goal is to earn enough Derby Points for a start in the Kentucky Derby on the First Saturday in May.

Most pay per head agents can already see how this could affect the stakes in their racebooks. Let’s take both outcomes for Bolt d’Oro in the San Felipe.

If Bolt d’Oro wins the San Felipe, thereby earning a ton of Derby Points, he should be a bigger favorite to win on the First Saturday in May than what his current 4 to 1 odds are.

What could happen in your book? Bigger bets could land on Bolt d’Oro. What would happen if Bolt d’Oro doesn’t win the San Felipe Stakes?

That’s where it could get interesting in your book. You’d think that bets on Bolt d’Oro might not be bigger if he lost the San Felipe than if he won the San Felipe.

However, the opposite could happen. It depends on how badly Bolt d’Oro lost.

If Bolt d’Oro lost to a good horse by a neck, bets could fly on Bolt d’Oro even if his odds stayed at 4 to 1.

In fact, more bets could be made on Bolt d’Oro to win the Derby with a loss in the San Felipe than with a win in the San Felipe.

Why? The reason is that although hypothetically, Bolt d’Oro lost, he managed to pick up plenty of Derby Points. Derby Points means he’s likely to make it to the Kentucky Derby starting gate.

The fact that he didn’t win, means his trainer, Mick Ruis, is saving Bolt D’Oro’s best, for, you guessed it…the Kentucky Derby.

Watch the San Felipe and then pay attention to the action on Bolt d’Oro in your online racebook.

Be sure you have access to all the races your bettors can handle. offers +70 racetracks, so you’ll be ready for all Derby prep games.


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