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Horse Betting 101 - Online Racebook Tools

Horse Betting 101: Online Racebook Tools You Need During The Races

April is Kentucky Derby Prep month. The biggest, most important, Derby preps of the year take place in April. Then, the first Saturday in May is the Kentucky Derby. Today we look at our Horse Betting 101 tips to maximize your sportsbook profit.

Two weeks after the Derby is the Preakness Stakes. Three weeks after the Preakness is the Belmont.

In the next 9 weeks or so, online bookie agents could make more money in their racebooks than they will during the rest of the year.

Check out the tools you, the agent, will need to make the awesome online racebook profit.

Horse Betting 101: The Sportsbook Tools You Need During The Races

These are tools that every agent can utilize to increase, and protect, profit during the Triple Crown.

There are actually only two tools that you’ll need.

Horse Betting 101 – Mass editing tool

When it comes to managing the racebook, there’s no more important tool than the mass editing tool. The reason is that controlling the amount wagered on individual races is the best way to ensure profit.

In sports betting, bookies make juice, or the vig, off every wager. Usually, the juice is 10%. That’s not so in horse betting and as a per head agent, it’s 101 to manage amounts wagered and amounts won.

The reason is that you can’t use a line mover to change horse racing betting lines.

You also can’t use a layoff account on a race.

How do agents manage online racebook wagering?

Another horse betting 101 as a bookie is to set max betting limits on single races. What this means is that a horse player can only invest up to a certain amount in a race. The amount could be something like $500. That’s it.

You must then set a max betting limit on how much a horseplayer can win betting on the race. Quadrupling the amount of money set as what horseplayers can invest into a single race should do it.

If they can invest up to $500, their max payout is $2,000. Agents should consider throwing in an extra $500. Hitting it big at the track doesn’t always happen.

The reason why the mass editing tool is so important is that you want to treat horseplayers all the same. Getting rich by betting horses doesn’t happen. There are winning horseplayers, but they play the long game.

No horseplayer wins every day.

TV listings tool

It’s obvious why the TV listings tool, found in the Prime Plan, is important. Not all races are shown on television. Derby prep races and Triple Crown races most definitely are.

You want to encourage non-horseplayers to make bets on televised races. That’s where you’re going to make the most profit.

You can currently upgrade your sportsbook software to a premium package for half the price. You’ll have access to the TV listings tool that will help you market to your casual bettors.

Get the Prime Plan for just $6.50 per head today.

For online bookie agents, TV listings and the mass editing tool are pretty much all you need to make huge amounts of money in the next couple of months.

Be sure to brush up on your horse racing popular bets, as well as our horse betting 101, and you’ll be able to secure the most profit as possible during the races.

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