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5 Tips For Converting to Digital Currency

Get Your Players To Use Cryptocurrency

Pay Per Head tips: 5 Ways to get your players using Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies

Some online bookie agents might still struggle to get their players to adopt digital currencies. Right now, PayPerHead.com accepts both Bitcoin and Ethereum.

5 Advantages to Using Bitcoin

Digital currencies, in general, provide benefits to both agents and players. Agents that have already adopted Bitcoin only need to provide those advantages to their players.

Any players that still don’t believe in Bitcoin, or Ethereum, will have nobody to blame but themselves.

Keep in mind that PayPerHead is currently offering a 5% cashback, up to $250, for your initial deposit – so you want your players using bitcoin

There are 5 advantages that you can promote to your players to start using cryptocurrency. Check them out below!

1. No fees

This isn’t the most important reason for players to adopt Bitcoin. It an important reason, though. Most credit card companies charge consumers a fee when they deposit money into their betting accounts.

That’s because most credit companies view these types of deposits as cash deposits. Because digital currencies are peer-to-peer, there are no middleman fees.

2. Faster deposits with digital currencies

Digital currency transactions are built on blockchain technology. What blockchain technology does is that it allows transactions to happen in blocks instead of strings.

A transaction that occurs is simply chained to the entire block. Although I’m light on how exactly this works, the results equal faster transactions.

3. Safer deposits with digital currencies

Blockchain technology also means that all transactions are faster. For players, knowing that their deposits are safe is a top priority.

This is the number one reason pay per head agents should relay to convince players to switch.

There is an inherent level of safety in digital currencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum. Each Bitcoin and Ethereum has a specific code. Counterfeiters cannot recreate digital currencies the way they can recreate traditional currency.

4. The overall safety better than traditional currencies

Which brings me to the most important overall point. Transactions in traditional currencies always require a middle person. The reason is why is that not all countries deal in the same currency.

The Chinese use the yuan. Russia uses rubles. The U.S. uses the American dollar. Canada uses Canadian dollars. Mexico uses pesos.

When a person attempts to purchase, let’s say, something in the United States with Canadian dollars, those dollars must be converted first. This must happen even if the purchase is over the Internet.

A Bitcoin is worth whatever it’s worth comparable to the underlining transaction. Most PayPerHead agents work with American dollars.

The value of their Bitcoin deposit will arrive in their account without any translation until it’s already hit the account.

Then, it’s translated into American dollars.

This keeps hackers away.

5. Digital currency transactions are peer-to-peer

Most sports bettors want to remain anonymous. Credit card companies sure are nosy. They must be. Every time we turn on the news we hear about some sort of hack.

That’s why credit card companies continually look for fraudulent activity. A player owns his or her Bitcoins or Ethereum. The player does what they wish with their digital currency.

Getting the most out of your business is important to PayPerHead, using cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum will help you do just that.

Get the latest offer for PayPerHead’s Prime Package, and get your players betting with Bitcoin.

Start building your sportsbook empire today.

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