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Cross-Sport Parlays to Offer

Cross-Sport Parlays

Price Per Head Tips: Cross-Sport Parlays to Promote This Week

It’s a great time to be an online bookie agent. The NBA Season just started in mid-October. NHL season began a short time before the NBA Season.

There are 7 weeks left in the current NFL Regular Season while there are 2 weeks left in the current College Football Season.

Why wouldn’t agents promote a cross-sports parlay?

NFL Week 11: Cross-Sports Parlay

The best way to promote cross-sport parlays is to offer odds above what Vegas normally offers. For example, instead of a 4-team cross-sport parlays paying 11 to 1, make a 4-team cross-sports parlay pay 12 to 1.

Instead of a 6 to 1 payout on a 3-team parlay, make a 7 to 1 payout on a 4-team parlay.
4-Team Cross-Sports Parlay

NFL Game:

Tampa Bay Buccaneers pk at Miami Dolphins pk

52% of bettors favor Tampa Bay. 48% of bettors favor Miami. This is an excellent addition to any cross-sport parlay promotion.

It’s almost guaranteed that half of those who play this cross-sport parlay will lose the entire parlay.

Make sure you keep up with NFL Week 11, see which 3 games you should already have set in your sportsbook.

College Football:

Arizona pk at Oregon pk

48% favor the Arizona Wildcats. 52% favor the Oregon Ducks. This is another incredibly difficult game to handicap. Remember, that the player must win every game in a parlay.

That’s why a good strategy is to pick games where almost 50% of players must be wrong.

NBA: Golden State at Brooklyn, Sunday, Nov. 19

The Brooklyn Nets are 3 and 3 against the spread in their 6 home games as of Nov. 14. Golden State is 4 and 2 ATS on the road as of Nov. 14. This makes for a betting dilemma.

Most will jump on Golden State because the Warriors are the best team in the NBA. However, Brooklyn has a 50% chance of covering the spread just because they play at home.

NHL Game:

Los Angeles at Vegas, Sunday, Nov. 19

The L.A. Kings are 6 and 2 in away games this season. L.A. heads to Vegas after battling Boston on Nov. 16 and Florida on Nov. 18.

Vegas has been the surprise team this season in NHL.

The Vegas Golden Knights are 5-3-2 at home. This is the first time that L.A. will battle Vegas. The Kings are ahead in the Pacific Division. The Golden Knights are in second place.

Like the other games in this 4-Team Cross-Sports Parlay, it’s going to take some serious handicapping to find the winner between the L.A. Kings and the Vegas Golden Knights.

Remember for any parlay you want as close to 50/50 favor as possible, this makes the parlays even more difficult for your bettors to win. It could happen – but it probably won’t

Understanding the in’s and out’s of your sportsbook management software, as well as the industry as a whole, will keep you competitive.



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