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college hoops ncaab futures and tools

Check Out The College Hoops Futures And PPH Tools You Need

College hoops is back with the usual teams looking to win the NCAAB Tournament. Duke, as to be expected, is a big time favorite.

Check out odds on Duke, second choice Kentucky, and other teams to win the title before we get to a few pay per head software tools agents can use to manage college hoops futures.

NCAAB College Hoops National Championship Future Odds

  • Duke +450
  • Kentucky +500
  • Kansas +750
  • Gonzaga +800
  • Nevada +800
  • Villanova +1200
  • North Carolina +1200
  • Virginia +2200
  • Michigan State +2800
  • Michigan +3500

It’s difficult to see any team outside of the ones listed above winning the NCAA College Basketball Tournament.

Duke’s the favorite because, like he’s done the past few seasons, Coach K has recruited the top freshmen in college hoops. Duke doesn’t have experience, though.

A scarier team for online bookies might be the Kentucky Wildcats. Coach Calipari’s got the most experienced team he’s had in a long time.

Experience takes you far in the NCAA Tournament and, finally, Coach C has that.

Keep reading for 3 per head sportsbook software tools that bookies can use to manage bets on teams to win the college hoops tourney.

1. Mass editing tool

The mass editing tool allows bookies to set max betting limits on all future bets for all players. It makes sense to set max betting limits on every one of the teams listed above.

Heck, set max betting limits on the College Hoops National Championship Futures. Only allow a single player to bet $100 to $200 on any single team to win the college hoops title.

2. Schedule limit override for College Hoops

Since the College Basketball Season starts this weekend, make sure to set a schedule limit override on college hoops title futures until around Tuesday.

Some super savvy bettor might pound a team like Virginia at +2200 if they romp over their opponent this weekend. Allow Vegas oddsmakers to adjust lines before reopening betting.

3. BetAlerts

Set up BetAlerts for the favorites so that you know when players make wagers. Use the line mover to adjust betting lines after wagers have been placed.

Adjust betting lines dependent on your sportsbook, not sportsbooks in Vegas. offers online bookies a premium experience that allows them to stay competitive and grow their business. Every tool listed about is available through PayPerHead’s Prime Package, which is currently on for just $3 per head!

That’s a 77% Discount! So, what’re you waiting for? Be ready for College hoops and over 80+ other leagues.

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