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Feb 24 College Basketball Matchups

College Basketball Matchups 2018

The NCAA Weekend Matchups Updates: How To Protect Your Profit

Another incredible weekend in NCAA Basketball means that online bookie agents must be on their toes.

College basketball is one of the few sports where oddsmakers often have about as much information as sports bettors.

The chasm between the great teams in college basketball matchups and underdogs isn’t as wide as it is in college football.

Saturday’s College Basketball Matchups

There are plenty of Alabamas in college hoops. That’s why we’ve chosen four Saturday (Feb. 24th) games that you must keep in mind.

Don’t worry, we add some thoughts on what you should do to protect your profits on these games.

#12 Wichita State at SMU

SMU beat the Shockers 83 to 78 the last time these two teams faced each other. Because the Shockers are ranked, and SMU isn’t, Wichita State should be favored.

If most sports bettors go with Wichita State, per head agents should consider allowing that money to ride. There might not be a reason to use the layoff account in this game.

If the money goes the other way, onto SMU, using the layoff account could be necessary. Wichita State is the better team. But, SMU gets the Shockers at home.

#3 Villanova at Creighton

No matter anyway you look at this game, it should be very difficult for Creighton to beat Villanova.

The Wildcats pummeled the Blue Jays by 20 points, 98 to 78, on Feb. 1. Just because Creighton gets Nova at home, the score shouldn’t change that much.

If bets arrive on Villanova, use the layoff account. If they go onto Creighton, consider allowing the money to ride.

#2 Virginia at Pittsburgh

It doesn’t matter what the line ends up at. It won’t be high enough. Virginia has the best defense in college basketball.

Pittsburgh is one of the worst teams in college basketball.

The Cavaliers have no business not beating the Panthers by close to 30 points.

Make sure to use the layoff account if Virginia is overbet. It also might be a good idea to set an override on this game until the morning of.

Tens of thousands of dollars in Vegas should flow to the Virginia Cavaliers as soon as the line is set.

#8 Kansas at 7 Texas Tech

It’s too difficult to determine which team is better, the Kansas Jayhawks, or the Texas Tech Red Raiders.

That means most pay per head agents should see a close to an equal amount of money wagered on the Red Raiders and Jayhawks.

If you’re an agent that must deal with an over bet team in this College Basketball matchup, make sure to use the layoff account.

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