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PayPerHead Poker is Here

PayPerHead Poker is Here

PPH sportsbook agents can now add an online poker platform. We’re so confident that you’ll make more money with real money poker platform, Club Poker, that it’s accessible to you for the entire month of June.  

On May 29, Forbes published an online guide titled: A Poker Players Guide to Navigating the 2022 World Series of Poker At Paris And Bally’s Las Vegas. The keywords in the guide’s title are “A Poker Players.” 

So the guide is for players who play online poker. Forbes is no small magazine. Along with the daily Wall Street Journal and The Economist, Forbes might be the most crucial financial magazine globally.

Pay per head poker agents shouldn’t look past that Forbes has writers assigned to the World Series of Poker and other poker games. It’s a sign that online poker has become one of the most popular pastimes in the United States. 

We know that sports betting players call bookie agents looking to throw money down in online poker, so we have created Club Poker, a fully functioning platform with poker games that you run. 

Starting on June 1, pay per head agents can provide their players the chance to bet against other players at online poker cash tables. Your players will appreciate you providing poker games.

You will make more money. Check out a brief history of online poker’s rise and why you must add Club Poker and its poker games to your sportsbook offerings.

Your players love to play poker. Give them more of what they want, and you will make more money.  

If your players don’t know poker, don’t worry. The Internet offers more than one basic poker tutorial. Most tutorials provide info on other poker games and Texas Hold’em.      

The Rise of Online Poker – Texas Hold’em

The most significant event in online poker’s rise happened in 2003. The first World Series of Poker, the first significant tournament poker, took place that year. 

Since 2003, the very best poker players have tried for the top tournament poker prize. Not only that, but NBC Sports has broadcasted the WSOP keeping poker’s momentum going.

Although the coronavirus pandemic hit poker’s popularity, poker has made a furious comeback. The Forbes guide proves that poker games have come back strong.

If you’re serious about making money, you must add Club Poker to your arsenal of online bookie platforms.    

What makes online poker different than your online casino

There’s a reason Vegas jumped on the early 2000s poker craze. Casino betting brings in a ton of money.

But players do win by pulling slot machine handles and betting on craps, blackjack, and roulette. Poker is like a racebook, except your customers can play poker without hurting your sportsbook. 

Vegas establishments take a cut from every player. So all a Vegas casino must do is set up poker tournaments, take their amount, and run the tournament, just like all a horse betting track must do is run races.

You shouldn’t open your racebook to everyday horseplayers because you don’t get a cut the way the racetrack does. But you do get a cut by running cash games in Club Poker. 

Check out why online poker rooms are profitable revenue streams.  

PayPerHead Poker is HereWhy running an online poker room will boost your bottom line

Transfer your players’ current balances to a shared poker wallet

No doubt you already have at least one poker client. You must tell your poker-playing customers that they can use their mobile phone to play on the Club Poker platform. 

The second thing to realize is that your players can use a single PPH sports account to play on any platform if your players want to bet in the sportsbook, no problem.

Suppose they want to bet on Live+ or Premium Props, no issue. If they’re going to join a table in Club Poker, again, no problem. 

Your players can play poker with the same money they use to play other betting options in your sportsbook.    

Automatic cash table creation as soon as players enter

Pay per head sportsbook agents are busy. The last thing they have time for is creating a poker table. 

Club Poker automatically creates cash tables once players enter the room. You mustn’t keep an eye on your poker tables. 

Control daily and weekly win/loss and buy-in limits

Pay per head bookie agents are in charge of their Club Poker platforms. You’re in control.

You can set daily and weekly win/loss and buy-in limits. It’s up to you. 

Create custom tables and check out integrated reports

You don’t have to create custom tables. But you can if you wish. 

If you want to create a high-roller table, go for it. Also, no problem if you’re going to make a table for poker entertainment players.

You can also check out integrated reports to determine which players prefer to bet at which tables. Like every report we offer, you can make decisions based on the information. 

Control rake percentage and which players throw down at which tables

The rake percentage you charge is up to you. If you want a higher rake, you can do that.

Almost as important? You decide which players bet at which tables. So you can take a player off a table if they request. 

A social aspect to your poker room could develop. Players will want to play with the same group every time. You can make it happen. 

Integrate your online poker room with your other bookie website platforms

  • Online sportsbook

  • Live+ betting platform

  • Standard and 3D Casino

  • Both live dealer platforms

  • Premium Props

  • *Online racebook

  • Standard in-game betting 

It doesn’t take much to integrate your poker room with other platforms. The shared wallet is an essential aspect.

We added an asterisk near the online horse racing book because it’s vital to understand horse racing before allowing players to bet on the ponies. Again, you don’t take a cut. 

So consider not even opening your racebook. Instead, open Club Poker and let every player know the specifics. 

Soon your players will become poker buddies, and they’ll have another reason to stick with your sportsbook. 

Add Club Poker free for the entire month of June and use our bookie software free for two weeks 

If you have yet to sign-up with PayPerHead, do so soon. The online poker platform is free for June to your active players. 

Our other software is free for two weeks. Not only that, but if you sign-up or call us, we will provide a free bookie software consultation. 

We will tell you how our proprietary software can help you make more money during your consultation. Give us a ring at 1-800-605-4767 today. 

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