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Choose Your PayPerHead Plan

Choose Your PayPerHead Plan

At PayPerHead, we believe in choice. Bookie pay per head agents can now choose among three different pricing plans. Go with the plan that best fits their bookmaker website needs. 


Do you require Standard, Prime, or Elite?

Each of the pay per head sportsbook plans offers something slightly different. If you’re a bookie betting agent, one thing to note is that you can access the layoff account for any program you choose. Check out the plans, and then we’ll look at each one by one.  

Bookmaker software plans – which is right for you?

Standard gives you powerful proprietary software 

With Standard, bookie pay per head agents get basic reports that provide relevant looks at player and subagent information. Standard could be perfect for agents that don’t require a customized dashboard.

The best part about the Standard plan is that the $5.99 base rate stays the same whether you have 1, 100, or 500 players.

The rate you pay is the rate you pay. Of course, you can add features like Live Dealer, the Premium Casino with 3D gaming, Live Plus, and other features.  

Offer live betting with $7.99 Prime

If you’re like most sports betting software agents, your players love to wager on games as they happen. Live or in-game betting has become one of the top ways for online bookie software agents to build their sportsbooks’ bottom lines. 

 At a low rate of $7.99 for each player, pay per head bookie agents can offer in-game betting through TruLive Wagering, PayPerHead’s standard live betting platform. For a small fee for each player, agents can add Live Plus with video streams and information your players can use to help them make quality bets. 

Provide props builder and phone wagering options at only $10.99 for each player

Our top program, and the default choice if you don’t pick a plan, is $10.99 for each player. As always, you don’t pay if players don’t play

Why would you want to go with the $10.99 Elite package? Check out what you get with a small price of $10.99 per head.

  • Live chat & phone customer service – Elite PPH services agents deserve Elite service. Sign-up for the Elite plan, and you get 24/7 customer service.   
  • Props builder – Baseball betting players love to build props. The PayPerHead props builder is the best way to make a second revenue stream that lasts year-round.
  • Phone wagering – Old-school players like to pick up the phone, chat with a customer service rep and place their bets. With Elite, your customers can call us and make their plays.

Make even more price per head agent cash 

Below are more ways joining PayPerHead helps you score more cash.

  • Live dealer – During the pandemic, our agents saw an uptick in live dealer betting. If you’re players like the feel of a real, live casino, then add the live dealer feature.
  • 3D casino – Nowadays, casino players love to throw money down on BetSoft games. The leader in 3D gaming constantly updates their offerings. As they update their offerings, PPH sportsbook agents that use our software update their gaming offerings. 
  • ClubPoker – Poker remains one of the world’s most-played games. ClubPoker allows you to run games only for your players or allow your players to participate in network games. Not only that but with ClubPoker, you get a cut of the rake, so there’s no risk to you. 

Make even more price per head agent cash 

In addition to add-ons, you can score big dollars via the following: 

  • $500 referral bonus and 17% per referral deposit per month for a year –Once a referral goes through a billing cycle, we put $500 into your account. Some of our agents have become so successful at referring that their monthly revenue from referrals exceeds what they make each month from their players.  
  • Rate negotiation at 100 players or more – No matter your plan, you can negotiate your rate if you have 100 or more customers. All it takes is 100 players. So make sure to call us at 1-800-605-4767, and we’ll decide on a rate that works for both of us.
  • Player referral rewards – Add players by having current customers refer them to you. With player referral rewards, you’re in control. You decide how much you wish to pay your players. We don’t mention player referral rewards on the site. So make sure to ask about it when you call us.  

We forgot to mention the most important reason for you to sign up with PayPerHead. By doing so, you will be using the industry’s safest, most secure, and most trusted online bookie software. Call 1-800-605-4767 and get started today.  

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