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Change Betting Limits

Pay Per Head Advice: When To Permanently Change Your Bettors’ Limits

Changing a bettor’s limit permanently can either be a positive thing, or it can be a negative thing.

Contrary to what most online bookie agents believe, changing bettor limits permanently to the downside isn’t always a negative thing.

It depends on what goals both bookie agent and player wish to achieve. There are some players who want a permanent limit.

Permanent limits help these players manage their betting bankrolls.

Try a few things first before permanently changing betting limits

There are a couple of things online bookie agents can try first before permanently changing betting limits. 

Settle Alerts – Settle alerts help players keep things under control.

During football season, it’s easy for many casual players to get out of control.

What it means is that if you set a betting limit at $500 per week for a casual player, just as an example, that casual player might be in the hole for $2,000 at the end of the month.

Casual players are called casual players for a reason.

They usually aren’t as good with betting bankrolls as pro-players. Settle Alerts help casual players from getting in too deep.

Schedule Limit Overrides – Scheduling limit overrides isn’t nearly as effective as settle alerts.

The main reason is that scheduling limit overrides on a player doesn’t exactly address the problem.

What it could do is temper a player’s enthusiasm at making bets.

That could be a reason to do it. Scheduling limit overrides might also work well in conjunction with settle alerts.

Changing Betting Limits to the Upside

There are times when pay per head agents might want to change betting limits to the upside. This doesn’t occur often.

But, sometimes it does. A pro-player might ask an agent if he or she can get more money to “play with”.

One thing to keep in mind is that most pro-players don’t play with their betting bankrolls.

If you acquiesce to a pro-player who wishes to change his or her payment to the upside, be aware that the pro player might be getting ready to dump on a specific game.

How should an agent handle this? It depends on your cash flow.

If your cash flow projects to be great that week or month, it’s not always a bad thing to let pro-players occasionally win.

Changing Betting Limits to the Downside

Changing betting limits to the downside can be a positive thing. As mentioned before, changing limits to the downside is a good way to keep things from spiraling out of control.
Remember emotional intelligence when having a discussion with a casual player about changing limits to the downside.

How do you do this? Per head agents do this by being emotive.

A statement like this, “I’ve noticed you’ve lost a lot this month. Maybe, we should bring you down to $100 a week until you start winning. What do you think?”, is good for both the online bookie agent and the player. is a premium online sportsbook betting software that is currently offering its premium package for just $3 per head.  

Call an agent now and receive a 7-day free trial and see just how much money you can make when you become a PayPerHead agent.



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