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Comparing Price Per Head Software – Are They All The Same?

Some pay per head agents might believe that all price per head software is the same. Those bookmakers could be asking themselves, why do I need to switch to a company like What makes PayPerHead special?

I’m making no bones about it. This is a blog about why PayPerHead is better than its competitors. Check it out!

PayPerHead Dashboard

The most important aspect of running a cloud-based business is having a dashboard that allows business owners freedom to run their business.

Cloud-based interfaces and dashboards, that force business owners to change their style, or look at information a certain way, are useless to those business owners.

That’s why in addition to being centralized, displaying urgent messages, allowing access to billing history and active head count, the dashboard is also customizable.

You,the master agent, oversees what reports you want to see on the dashboard. You can pick 15+ reports to display on the dashboard. That’s called being the boss.

PayPerHead Layoff Account

More than one per head agent has stated to a rep at PricePerHead that the reasons they switched is because of the layoff account. Great price per head software allows access to a layoff account.

Some online bookies may not need a layoff account. That’s okay. Hopefully, in the future, those bookmakers will need a layoff account.

Why? If a per head agent needs a layoff account, it means that bookmaker is usually accepting a lot of action.

Accepting large bets isn’t a problem. Managing large bets can be a problem. That’s why online bookies need per head software that includes a layoff account.

PayPerHead Premium Section

The Premium Section has added features. Sometimes the difference between being a successful agent, or not, is in the details. The Premium Section offers detail features that can add a lot to a bookmaker’s business.

With the PayPerHead Premium Section, bookmakers have access to a line mover, can manage betting limits for live betting, get access to additional reports for live betting, can see injuries, and can check TV listings.

Those are all small detail features that add a lot to a master agent’s goal of running an efficient, profitable, bookmaking business.

Right now, is offering half-off its usual price for the Premium Section. Online bookies should take advantage and become a PayPerHead premium agent today!

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