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2020 US Presidential Election Odds

US Presidential Betting Odds Point to Tight Race

Betting on the 2020 US Presidential Election is heating up. Where is the money going, and how should bookies handle wagering on whether Donald Trump or Joe Biden sits in the Oval Office?

Say what you will about the US Presidential Election, but one thing is for sure, bookie software agents must love the action on this year’s event. Unlike the NFL and NCAAF, where a real question is, no kidding, “how many players are on a football team”, we know who is running to become the United States’ Commander in Chief.

The winner will either be Sleepy Joe Biden or the Orange Menace, aka Donald Trump. Voters are passionate about this election cycle, so for pay per head service bookmakers, the Presidential Election is an excellent opportunity to make more money than imaginable. 

The reason? While hardcore voters will put their money behind the candidate that bleeds blue or red, actual sports bettors will use statistics, news reports, and what they’re hearing to determine if the US President betting lines signal fair odds for either candidate.

Already, big-time bettors have put their money where their mouth is. Huge wagers have fallen on Trump. Many dollars went on Trump that The Don dropped to a -105 choice to Biden’s -125 in August. Those are drastically different odds than the +160 on Donald in July.

That doesn’t mean Trump is on his way to a second term. Please keep reading to discover why the odds changed, how they may switch back to make Biden an even bigger favorite, and when per head agents should use their PayPerHead tools to manage U.S. Presidential Election odds betting.

US Presidential Betting shifted after protests turned to riots

The significant odds shift on the race for the White House happened after protests turned violent. News outlets like FOX blared for days about how the cities where violence happened were Democratic strongholds. 

All the noise from the talking heads led to some bettors to dump on Trump. One election odds handicapper wagered at least $40,000 on the current Prez. That pushed the odds higher on Joe and lower on Donald. 

The trend continued until the death of Supreme Court nominee Ruth Bader Ginsburg. The Notorious RGB’s passing immediately sent the odds back to favoring Joe Biden. 

Biden now at -130 while Trump is at +110 in the US Presidential betting.

The Democratic nominee is a -130 favorite. The reason for the odds change? Donald Trump overplayed his hand. At least that’s the way it seems.

Right after Ginsburg passed, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said the Senate would vote on Trump’s nominee even though it’s an election year. McConnell didn’t allow the Senate to vote for President Obama’s choice, Merrick Garland, in 2016. Although McConnell has a logical reason why the Senate will vote for a Supreme Court judge before an election in 2020 while not allowing for a vote in 2016, the move reeks of overreach.

That’s the argument the Dems have made about Trump. The thinking right now is that since Trump will announce the name of a judge to fill RGB’s seat, borderline voters and independents will punish The Don for it.

But, like everything in politics, it doesn’t mean Trump will always be an underdog. Choosing a candidate right now to fill Ginsburg’s seat should fire up Donald’s base. Republicans will vote in droves to re-elect Trump.

The same can’t be said for Democrats. Most Dems aren’t excited about the Biden-Harris ticket. Trump’s calculated move could backfire. Or, it could lead to a few more gigantic bets on the current president to make him the stable favorite heading to November 3. 

How to use Pay Per Head tools to manage the election odds

After reading this next section, some of you may want to check out how to become a bookie. If it’s not already your profession or side job, maybe, it should be. 

Election betting handicappers call bookie agents looking for better odds than what they find through a massive online sportsbook. Do a quick check of current White House betting odds, and you’ll find that agents offering free betting software are more prone to providing expected odds than those found in other sportsbooks.

Offering expected odds can become a bookmaker’s value proposition. Since wagering on the U.S. Presidential Election should rise to scorching levels in October, pay per head agents stand to make much more money than they thought possible.

The best way to manage odds for US Presidential Election betting is to use your layoff account to balance your book. Also, utilize the PayPerHead Agent Payment System (APS®). Your players can deposit via credit card, which means they can get their money into their wagering accounts much faster than if they played with one of our competitors.

By encouraging player deposits via the APS, you ensure your players wager on the U.S. Presidential Election through you and not other sportsbooks.     

Referral Program boosts the bottom line

If you’re looking to make serious coin, check out the how do bookies make money section on the site. Also, make sure to boost your bottom line by referring your friends. You get $100 into your per head account as soon as your buddy starts their sportsbook business with us. Then, you score 15% of their monthly deposits for up to a year.

The NFL Season and U.S. Presidential Election happen at the same time. It makes sense for you to import players to Pay Per Head and use our profit-making software to get as much as you can from both events.    

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