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Champions League 2022

UEFA Champions League: Champions League 2022 Finals Preview

The 2022 Champions League Final happens this month. On Saturday, May 28, Liverpool takes on Real Madrid for the top prize in UEFA League soccer. Heading into the match, the Reds are a big-time favorite. Check out a profile of each team along with their odds and info on how to manage betting action. 

Each passing year, soccer becomes more and more popular in the United States. In January, English Premier League soccer ratings in the U.S. were up 27% compared to last year.

The ratings will always be far below NFL, NHL, and NBA. But the soccer ratings aren’t that far from Major League Baseball, which has witnessed a significant ratings hit this year.

Eyeballs are essential to a pay per head agent’s bottom line. The more players can watch, the more likely they will call bookie agents looking to score a profit. 

No soccer match is more important than the Champions League final this season, where Liverpool face Real Madrid. 

Which squad has what it takes to win the 2022 UEFA Champions League Final at Stade de France?

Both teams have a serious chance of winning this year’s UEFA Champions League. In the previous season, Real bowed out early. 

So Real’s presence as one of the qualified teams is a big deal. Carlo Ancelotti, Real’s manager, is a former UEFA Champions League winner. Ancelotti is looking for another European Cup Final trophy.  

Players from both squads will throw down for their national teams at the 2022 World Cup.  

Liverpool won the UEFA Champions League in 2019. Pool is not only a Champions League Final participant, but they won the Carabao Cup, the FA Cup, and can win the Premier League.    

Check out a profile of each team, including odds, current form, and how they made it to the Champions League Final. Then see why you should use PayPerHead proprietary sportsbook software to run your online bookie organization.  

2022 UEFA Champions League Final – Real Madrid vs. Liverpool

  • When: Saturday, May 28 at noon ET
  • Where: Stade de France, Saint Denis, France

Russia was supposed to host the final at Gazprom Arena in Saint Petersburg. But because Russia invaded Ukraine, UEFA moved the final to Stade de France.

Moving from Saint Petersburg to the final hosts may help the two teams. Liverpool would have preferred Allianz Arena, and Real prefers Spain, but at least it’s not Russia, and France is closer to both teams.

Before checking out odds on both teams to win the Champions League Final, read about the Asian handicap, a bet unique to soccer.    

Quick Note – The Asian Handicap?

In soccer betting, the Asian handicap eliminates the draw in a match. So it hands a virtual lead to one side in a soccer game.

For example, if a team is  -½ on the Asian handicap, a draw is a loser. If the team is +½, a draw is a winner. 

If the team is at  -¼, a draw is a half loss. If the club is at  +¼, the draw is a half win.      

BetShoot has a table that displays payouts for the Asian handicap. If you’re looking for more info on the Asian handicap, check out Isaiah’s article.

You mustn’t offer the Asian handicap. You can use your bookmaker software to turn off any quarter-line handicaps. Call a PayPerHead customer service agent if you require help.    

Champions League 2022

Real Madrid Profile

How they got to the 2022 Champions League Final

In their Champions League semifinal match,  La Liga or Spanish Primera Division power Real Madrid made one of the most memorable comebacks in Champions League history.

The team found themselves down a goal heading into leg two. Real scored a goal in minute 90 and two goals in extra time to knock out the preseason Champions League favorite, Manchester City. 

Current Odds on Real Madrid

  • Moneyline: +230
  • Handicap:  +½ -135
  • Total: O 2 ½ -140 / U 2 ½ +110     

Expected action on Real Madrid

Real’s moneyline should attract plenty of action. The La Liga squad’s champions path included dusting Man City.

Many soccer handicappers considered the Sky Blues the absolute best club on the planet. So the fact Real beat Manchester City, a Liverpool rival, means Real will be a hot commodity leading up to the Champions League Final.

Karim Benzema

Use your layoff account on moneyline bets. Also, set max limits. +230 pays above 2-to-1. So a $100 bet on Real means a $230 profit. 

Liverpool Profile

Champions League 2022

How they got to the 2022 Champions League Final

Liverpool faced an inspired Villareal side in the second leg of their match. Pool held a 2 to 0 lead over the 2021 Europa League Champions heading into leg-2.

But Villareal scored 3 goals. It took Liverpool 4 goals to get past the underdogs. 

Liverpool recently beat rival Chelsea to win the FA Cup. Pool is riding high after the win and should be very difficult to beat should they show up to Saint Denis one-hundred percent healthy. 

Current Odds on Liverpool

  • Moneyline: +110
  • Handicap:  -½ +107
  • Total: O 2 ½ -140 / U 2 ½ +110     

Expected action on Liverpool

As long as Liverpool remains above even money to win in regulation, sports betting software should see massive action on the Reds. Liverpool is one of the most followed soccer clubs in the world.

Because Pool plays in the English Premier League, the favored Champions League Finals squad has fans worldwide. 

Don’t be surprised if you must use your layoff account to cut risk on the Liverpool moneyline and the Reds’ handicap odds. 

Our 2022 Champions League Prediction

This year’s Champions League finale should be an excellent soccer match. Both teams have terrific forwards.

Real Madrid star Karim Benzema is as good as it gets. He single-handedly knocked Chelsea.

Then after the first leg, where Manchester City went up 4 goals to 3, Benzema guaranteed a victory, and it happened. 

But although Real is a solid, excellent soccer club, the La Liga team shouldn’t beat Liverpool. Pool not only has Sadio Mane and Mohamed Salah to push the attack, but they also have Alisson in goal and the terrific Virgil Van Djik to control the back. 

Liverpool is the overall better team. So the English Premier League squad should win.

One thing to note? Salah left the pitch versus Chelsea in the FA Cup injured. Pool should still win if he isn’t one-hundred percent, but they may require extra time. 

So, in addition to setting max limits and using the layoff account on both moneylines, PPH sports agent should also use their layoff account on the draw. 

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